Tuesday, November 6, 2007

And the Curls Stayed!!

Lily is 3 now, and was long overdue for her first haircut! Yes, her very first one...we had never even taken her for a trim! You see, we were so scared that her curls would be gone once we got it cut. It seemed like whoever we asked, be it a hair cutter or simply a parent of another curly headed child, would say that as soon as we cut it the curls would disappear. So, we had a predicament. We loved the curls and didn't want to see them go! It is so funny how many people on both sides of our family have stepped up to claim these curls! It is also funny how none of these people would ever claim to be kin to her sassy 3 year old behavior! Anyway, her hair was getting straggly, so it was time! There are all these salons around town that are made just for kids, but my sister had a good experience with my niece at Hair Diddle Diddle, so off we went! Lily had a blast in her pink radio flyer airplane as her hair (almost 3 inches) went falling to the floor! They carefully selected some of the prettiest curls and put them in a Ziploc baggie for me! And guess what!?! The curls stayed! It has been almost a month and they are still here! (I'm new to blogging and catching up on some notable events) The funniest part of all is that the next several times that I washed Lily's hair, she would get worried and say, "Mommy, if you wash my hair, will my haircut go away"? I just love the honesty and curiosity of my little curly headed Lily!

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