Saturday, November 10, 2007

Membership Has Its Privileges

We're ready to go mommy...sporting our animal prints!
Isn't that an old American Express ad? I'm not referring to AmEx though, I'm talking about our membership at the Fort Worth Zoo! November is "member appreciation month", when we can bring other visitors for free, get in early (who can get there w/two kids prior to 10AM is a mystery to me), ride the train and carousel for free, etc, etc, etc! So anyway, I invited my sis and niece to venture to the zoo with Lily, Jade and I, while we left daddy home to mow lawn, trim trees and that sort of stuff! Thanks, Daddy!

Lily looking at the elephants!

The girls just liked to climb up and look way to get a picture of their faces!

Jade...happy as a lark on the train ride!

Not so happy riding in the zoo stroller!

We even ran into Amy and Sophie! Stalkers! Just kidding Amy!

Lily's favorite animals...the "mingos"!

It was fitting running into Amy out there...I think we bought both our zoo and Dallas Arboretum memberships together! The best privilege of membership is that if your kids start acting cranky soon after your arrival, you can leave and not feel like you wasted any money! Not that my kids ever fit in that category!


P & R said...

Tell Liliy Rachelle loves the "mangos" as well....

P & R said...

Mingos...I mean MINGOS....

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