Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Jerry Won the Jackpot!

No, we haven't made an escape to Vegas! Did that once and neither of us feel the need to go back! 2 months ago Jerry put $10 in the pot at work for a weight loss contest. He has been weighing in every Wednesday since then and staying near the top. You had to put a quarter in any time you gained a pound, and I think he only did that once. Last week he was in third place, so he put it in high gear for the finish!

We've been working on losing weight together. How is it that husbands always gain baby weight too? I don't actually gain much in pregnancy...mainly due to losing so much via puking in the beginning (my friends joke about my pregnancy diet), so I guess the extra I'm carrying around is just the "maternal store"?!? Who names these things? Or maybe its just because we're 30+ now and our metabolism is slowing down. Anyway, we've been cutting back on "bad carbs"...the refined sugars and starches that make your blood sugar wacky, and adding plenty of vegetables and lean meats. And, it has paid off! Literally! Jerry brought home $207 this afternoon!

So then the next question is...where are we going out to eat tonight!?! Lily heard us talking about this and put her votes in for Peter Piper Pizza and McDonalds, I voted for Mexican (but any of you who know Jerry know that this was husband is the only person I know that will actually order a hamburger at a Mexican restaurant!), and then Jerry mentioned SNUFFER'S!!! We have a new one in town and all decided that Snuffer's Cheese Fries are calling our name!

Must go get my fingers greasy and enjoy's back to eating right again tomorrow!

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