Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tooth Fairy Spoils

Playing tooth fairy was very fun.  More fun than playing Santa in a way, to me at least.  I guess because it all happens so fast.  One day she is freaking out over her tooth becoming loose, then a few weeks later in the halls of a dance studio, in the midst of Jade’s tight crisis no less….she looks up at me in excitement with a bloody smile and the culprit in her hand.

Then I got to roam the aisles of Target just before closing trying to find the perfect gift…One that seemed suitable for my five year old baby who had just lost her very first tooth.

It seems like just yesterday that we were “ooh”ing and “aah”ing over this very tooth as it came in,  how could it have already served its purpose and have its permanent replacement standing by?
FIVE is just passing by way too quickly.  With Pre-K graduation this week and Kindergarten and SIX coming by fall, when I arrived at Target I was feeling a bit sentimental. 

I came upon a necklace with FIVE little gems on it…perfect, requested a new FIVE dollar bill in my change…the one with the purple 5s on it (she thinks anything pink or purple was made especially for her), and managed to grab a pack of real Hubba Bubba pink bubble gum as they flashed the lights at the Target store.

I originally had my eye on a tooth pillow, but knew she’d probably want to sleep with it or even on it.  I opted against that for fear of waking her up during tooth retrieval/gift placement.  I got this cute little pewter tooth box instead.

Not sure what I was thinking though because the lid is really loud.

So I ended up going in to her room twice, once to grab the box and again to deliver the goods.  Jade stirred, but Lily was out.

Only until about 6:40 the next morning when she came bopping into our room shouting about the tooth fairy’s visit.  She didn’t even know what the gum was!  Poor child, she has been limited to whatever kind lives in the bottom of my purse…usually mint and ALWAYS sugar-free.

I got the cutest video of her describing the whole tooth fairy experience…but I shot it vertically and can’t get it to rotate.  Dern laundry pile that I was trying to keep out of the frame.  It is also interrupted by Jerry’s phone ringing to alert him that his breakfast meeting would be a no show…too bad Jerry had already left…and also left his phone at home!  

Jade was actually the funniest though as she described the bear.  The bear that came in her room TWICE that night.

She may be onto something.  Ever since that morning they have been waking up super early…today it was 6:20.  And with each day I am feeling Grizzlier and Grizzlier.  GRRRrrrrrrrrr!


Rachelle said...

LOVE the Tooth Fairy box! Adorable. How is Lily going to be 6? I feel old.I mean, just yesterday we were 19 and snow skiing in Colorado.

Colored With Memories said...

you mean just yesterday i was being talked into going down black diamonds and cussing your name the whole way?!?

;) :) :>

i didn't realize til seeing your comment that i posted to the blog accidentally last night before the post was finished! oops!

Jennifer said...

T would be so jealous of Lily! He is dying to lose a, not so much!

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