Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Orangi, Orangi, Orangi, oh how we will miss you sweet kittie!

Rescued with your sweet brothers at which now seems like a time way too short ago.

Bottle fed and cared for (and photographed) by your new family and their crazy kids.

Kids that adored you most. Chosen by Lily to be her first pet.

You started out so tiny at 4 weeks of age.

And were still so petite at 10 months.

Lily loved giving you "stinky" food and watching you grow.

And though she thinks it was a secret between the two of you, I saw those table scraps get handed down too.

So smart, so patient, so unbelievably willing to put up with whatever Lily's schemes were for the day.

Sometimes dress up...

Sometimes a dip in the pool...

Sometimes you were one of her babies...

And just like these pictures indicate, you were up for whatever adventure Lily chose for you...even falling asleep in the cradle.

You will be missed. So many tears shed already and I fear many more to come.

Rest in peace dear Orangi.

***Last Tuesday we found it odd that Orangi didn't come to the door first thing. Usually if she doesn't come in with Blackie, she is just at the other door. We checked the front door with no luck. It was then that I remembered getting an odd call/voicemail very early that morning. I decided I better listen to the message. No details, just a name and a number. When I returned the call, the lady who answered broke into tears. I knew it wasn't good. She had hit Orangi on her way to work that morning. Breaking the news to Lily was heartbreaking. She cried and cried and cried and I did too.***

Watch out Blackie! You don't even know what you are in for...your sister took the brunt of Lily's schemes for the past 9 months. RUN! HIDE! SEEK COVER!

But please, NOT into the street.


Christina said...

that is so sad :(
our 15 yr old cat was hit by a car too. except that person drove off. although it is horrible i am so glad that person called.
i hope lily is doing better.

H-Mama said...

Oh no!!! Poor Orangi. What a sweet cat to go with the flow... So very sorry to hear this! Hugs to your ((Lily))). That's rough... on ((Mama)), too.

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