Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sno Cones gone wrong...very wrong!

This week started out with the girls' first ever joint swim lessons.

See, here they are before...excited and very cute I might add.

And here they are afterward...they survived and Jade already has candy in hand. So fun.

And even though Jade declares she didn't like the "switching" of teachers at the beginning of this video, and Lily isn't fond of the "no spitting" rule (can you imagine!?!), it seems they are content to continue with lessons.

I was pretty proud of them for doing so well considering the many tears, hours and dollars dropped on Lily's lessons last summer and the fact that Jade has never had lessons at all.

On the way home I spied a sno-cone shop that 1) looked worthy of trying and 2) had a drive through. Feeling that they deserved a treat for being brave during swim lessons, we pulled up and ordered a rainbow of syrup covered ice crystals.

Soon after pulling away, Lily reminded me that we're in a rental and shouldn't be eating/spilling in it. Just a week after our accident, I've apparently gotten pretty used to sporting our little Jeep. By looking at the coffee cups, various receipts, and fast food bags that now line the interior, I'd say we've pretty much made it home. Why not? After being hit by an illegal immigrant with questionable insurance, might as well enjoy the rental. It's sort of like throwing towels on the hotel room floor to me.

Lily had a point though...stains in a rental? That is a whole other issue. Lily exhibited self control by deciding not to eat her sno-cone until we got home. Jade and I, on the other hand, dug right in. All was well. Jade is a neat eater, and I am a pro at eating while on the road, so there were no issues.

UNTIL we go to the driveway. Lily wanted a taste of Jade's red flavor. Somehow during the transfer, Jade's sno-cone got dumped. Dumped out into the front seat...where, I can't decide if it is fortunately or unfortunately, my purse was laid open.

There was still definitely a mess on the seat, but my purse took the brunt of it. What a mess. Here are what my money and checkbook look like now...

And I had to take that picture with my cell phone, because guess what was laying inside my purse? MY DIGITAL CAMERA. Ugh. It is sticky suhweet now.

I rinsed out my purse as best I could, because it is leather so I couldn't throw it in the wash.

Let's just say I don't think I will be bringing it to any summer picnics.


H-Mama said...

adorable indeed. :)

sno-cones are a no-no around here... gracie saw the money pic. she said she would take it as long as she could spend it. priorities. ha!

Charlene said...

Well, at least the money matches your wallet now! You may be the only one in your "circle" with that kind of color-coordination! (and you can wash money, you know--I've done it many times by accident!)

Rachelle said...

Cooper dumped a ice cream cone in the floor of the Durango today after a trip to the pool. Must be in the air..

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