Thursday, June 3, 2010

We have a GRADUATE!

...a Pre-K Graduate that is...

I will admit that I often have thought (and still sort of do), that these types of events are unnecessary and actually rush them through milestones (or milestones that we've created) that should be reserved until later...maybe just until Kindergarten at least. ;) But when it happens to be your own kid, it is really hard not to get totally wrapped up in the fun. Did any of that make sense?

I didn't think so either... on to the pictures... and hoping they'll speak for themselves!

Grad close up.
Grad really close up.
Grad full length. You are supposed to notice the red toes.

Grad and lil sis.
Grad with my parents.
Grad with our family.
Grad with Jerry's parents.

Grad with her best friend from school--Danielle!

Grad with lead teacher-Ms. Heather.

Grad with assistant teacher-Ms. Tracy.

The program consisted of them counting in English, Spanish and German; singing two "color" songs (Blue and Brown), and a sweet and thoughtful delivery of their diplomas by Ms. Heather. She spoke of each child's unique qualities, strengths, and gifts and then predicted what type of profession they might eventually go into. There were future nurses, teachers, architects, Nascar drivers, librarians, actresses, etc.

She started to describe Lily as someone who knew a lot about the Bible stories they discussed, who brought God into her play (example: God would not like you doing that!), and who loved to sing praise and worship songs. My mind was going toward missionary, choir director, Christian artist (she really has a voice!) when she said Lily would be the next "preacher", I laughed loud. Like really loud. Embarrassing level of out loud. Like I seriously was having trouble stopping the laughter.

Okay...just so maybe you'll understand all my laughter...Our denomination just does not do the women in the pulpit thing.
They exited.
Grad with aunt and cousin.
We opted out of the cake and punch and headed to Bahama Bucks, where many sno-cones and other tasty treats were consumed. I didn't take any pics of us shoving sweets down our faces, but remembered the camera as our little family closed down the joint with some tether ball.

Jerry and I played each other first. Let's not discuss the outcome of that round.

Then he played the girls. He said that Lily gave him more competition than I did.

When I played her, I realized he wasn't just trying to be mean. She really almost beat me. We don't ever let our kids win just to win though. Ahem. Anyway, maybe this graduate could put her Bible skillz to use as a Christian-summer-camp-sports-organizer?

Still laughing. Good night!


Rachelle said...

Congrats, Lily!

BTW, I keep forgetting you have bangs. This really brings us back to high school.

Kristi said...

Or maybe the next Beth Moore? She looks adorable in her cap and gown. We love Bahama Bucks too but I don't think ours has a tether ball. Blessings to you!

Christina said...

how fun!!! the kids are getting so old :( hope dallas is treating you well.

Jennifer said...

Congrats to the graduate!

Kerry, it was so good to catch up with you the other day!

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