Thursday, June 17, 2010

Jade: Sailor Girl Dance Recital

Our littlest dancer made her debut on stage last weekend.

I didn't get any decent video to share with you, but it was a hoot.

She did a ballet routine first, during which she proceeded to stand there politely with her hands over her ears. The look on her face was one of, "It is way too loud, would someone TURN IT DOWN?".

The dance studio had really nickel and dimed us through the whole recital thing. Making us buy tickets and pay for programs, in addition to recital and costume fees.

So it was pretty funny when after her first routine my dad sad, "Well, that alone was worth the five dollars!"

I managed to talk to her during the intermission when I went to change her tights and shoes. I told her that the music would also be loud during her tap routine, but to try to enjoy it and do the dance.

Well sure enough, she didn't cover her ears and tried to participate a bit more.

At one point she got so into it that when she did a step she knocked herself over and went behind a couple of dancers over.

It was then that we decided the tickets would have been worth $10!

Actually I wouldn't have missed it no matter what the cost was, but whew! After two recitals in a matter of weeks, I am ready for a SEA CRUISE now!


Rachelle said...

Jade looks so grown up! Cute pics!

H-Mama said...

Jade is precious. I love how the little ones respond to the stage during recital... too cute! And those crazy tap shoes... so slippery. Hope she was okay!

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