Sunday, April 25, 2010

I am soooooo not ready for this!

Lily came out of her room crying this morning. Big. real. tears.

My mind raced. Did she have a bad dream? Did she wet the bed? Did she fall down the ladder from her bunk?

When she got her sobs under control she told me that she thought she had an owie on her tooth.

Okay. I can deal with "teeth owies", so I thought.

I took a look.

No owies in sight.

I questioned her further...I don't see anything Lily, which tooth hurts?

She points to the bottom left center....the very first tooth her sweet baby gums had bore. Back when she was way too young and nursing was still way too difficult. Ugh! How quickly my mind returns to those days.

Okay, back on track.

This one, Lily?

In a terrified voice, she confesses that when she touches it, it WIGGLES.

Oh my goodness. I hold her tight. My baby CANNOT already be losing a tooth.

And then the squeamish part of me starts to gross out envisioning the process.

How long will it take? Will there be strings and doorknobs involved? Lots of blood?

Calm my heart.

Then I remember the adorable tooth pillow I spied a while back at a gift shop. Yes! It is no longer a splurge or an unnecessary item. I NEED it now.

My baby girl has a loose tooth! Retail therapy is in order!


My2Gs said...

Oh, how sweet! I can't believe she's going to be loosing a tooth already! Grace asks me quite regularly when she's going to start loosing hers. She gets so excited about it. LOL :)

The Sullivan Sitcom said...

Yet another milestone. I remember Maggie's first loose tooth...she's got several loose as we speak...but it was very emotional for me (not must isn't for me!)

Just another big step for Lily! Oh, and mom, you'll be just fine!

The Sullivan Sitcom said...

I meant to say (not much isn't)!
Maybe I should slow down and proof what I type!

Amy@My Front Porch said...

I love the way she described it -- "My tooth has an owie" -- so sweet! Hope your retail therapy works :)

Michelle said...

Wow! Already? I am sure she'll get used to losing them once she sees the cute pillow you are going to get and once she gets her first visit from the tooth fairy!

Rachelle said...

Such a big girl! Time to start raking in the $$$$ Lily!

Life In Progress said...

Caroline's first tooth was HUGE for me...HUGE! I can't explain it, but I just really had a hard time with it. But it's tough to stay sad when they are so excited about it, and the new smile is pretty darn cute :)

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