Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May Day! May Day!

I only typed it twice, not thrice...so no real alarm necessary.

Rejoicing that May is nearly over and summer on its way!

May is always busy for us, mainly due to family birthdays and mother's day...but this one has really thrown me for a loop.

You know it is bad when your friend posts simple messages to you on FB like, "Kerry, are you still alive & kicking?" And then later follows up with a voicemail commenting that she's glad to hear my voice on the recording or she may have forgotten what it sounded like. So sorry Rachelle! I would be calling you now instead of blogging...not liking that you are an hour ahead!

We've celebrated 3 of the 4 family birthdays that fall in May...one more to go this weekend.  Memmy, or Grand Memmy as she is known to our girls, will be 98 on Friday.  She was born the year the Titanic sank...oh how things have changed during her lifetime.

Lily's ballet rehearsal/recital/pictures all went well.  The only hiccup was on mommy's part...pulled into the parking lot downtown with roughly a minute to spare prior to her rehearsal, and found a $10 cash lot was the only visible option for parking.  Pulled right into a spot as the attendant followed me to my car waiting for payment.  Dug and dug and dug some more only to find I had not a single bill on me.  Left the lot in search of a coin meter...thanking God for the coins on the bottom of mama's purse.  Fed the meter what I thought would be plenty of sticky, gummy, fuzzy coins from the bottomless pit of my bag...only to get inside and learn the rehearsal was running an hour behind.  Returned to an expired meter but thankfully no ticket.

Now Jade's recital is upon us.  Different school, different venue.  I am just trying to get past the tight requirements...as in the tights she must wear for pics and recital.  Two colors of tights! No costume change, just "ballet pink" ones for ballet and "light toast" for tap.  And get this we are supposed to layer them on top of each other for an easy change.  Um. Okay.  It is like really hot here already.  Never heard of such a thing.  Also, they strongly recommend buying two pairs of each color in case of runners.  That would be $60 worth of tights.  Seriously?  Do they not know of 99 cent clear nail polish? However the real issue with tights is that I can't find Leo's light toast tights in Jade's size.  I could give you a play by play run down on how I have spent 2.5 hours hunting for said tights between yesterday and today, but by the look on Jerry's face after I gave him my play by play, I will go ahead and spare you.  Even he was shocked though by the news that one lady had me try an intermediate size 7/8 on Jade...she told me just to roll them up at the waist.  She's 2 folks.  TWO.  And she is a tall two, but she does have a crotch to get past on the way to her waist.  Can you say elephant syndrome?  I should have taken a picture, but I was too flustered at the moment to find the humor in it.

So, all I know is that she will be attending the two upcoming dress rehearsals, picture day and recital in full makeup and costume...but if I can't find the dern tights they want in a size that fits, they may have to rename her Good Ship Lollipop number to something from Dumbo!

We are also preparing for Lily's Pre-K graduation.  She modeled her red cap and gown for us this evening.  So stinkin' cute.  I am trying to get over the fact that she will be showcasing one less tooth in all the pictures we take on that occasion.  Yes, today Lily lost her first tooth!  Exactly a month from the day that she realized it was loose. That bloody event coincided with Jade's tight dilemma this afternoon.  Good Lord.

Well, I am off to play tooth fairy! More on all that soon...hopefully tomorrow!


R said...

girrrrrl...i am WITH YOU on the tights! doubling them up is actually a good idea. maybe then rosie's would have stayed on her, too! she had to have capezio toast tights, which we found in the smallest toddler size known to man, but they were still so baggy. she's two too. and she also did a tap routine to "good ship"! wonder if they had the same costume? :0)

Rachelle said...

This tight madness has me more and more excited to have boys with every word I read. Is this the same place with the hair bun requirement for Lily? Sheesh!

Colored With Memories said...

R-maybe!?! hers is white with blue trim and stars, with white hat and gloves, or "mittens" as she calls them!

Rachelle-crazy as it is, NOPE, this is a different place...they could care less about hair, but apparently are all about the tights!

There were a couple of boys performing at lily's recital, i'm sure you could sign the twins up! ;)

Nicole - Life in Progress said...

Congrats on that first tooth Lily! That was SUCH a big day at our house last summer!

H-Mama said...

I'm right there with you, girl! I had to cough up $60 in tights alone for the girls' recital. Crazy. Can't we just use the shades that Payless sells? Gesh. ;)

Looking forward to seeing graduation pix. Sounds too cute!

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