Thursday, May 13, 2010

Recital Pics and Flowers Galore

Having Lily's dance recital on Mother's Day Weekend was perfect. I got to sit between my mom and my sister (two of the best moms I know), while bopping Jade up and down on my lap in anticipation of big sissy's show.

Then it was time.

What a minute! Which one is she? Yikes. Oh wait, there she is! Nope, that isn't her. It was so sad...I lost her so many times during the performance! Either her bangs being slicked back threw me or my eyesight is going downhill faster than I thought.

We were only allowed to video and photograph during the rehearsal...and I fear I probably video taped the wrong child, so I am holding my breath until the professional DVD arrives.

The venue was amazing though and served well for pictures. She was a rainbow butterfly in a Dr. Seuss themed recital. Her wings were backstage, so use your imagination!

And then afterward there were flowers.  An abundance of flowers.

Enough for several pretty bouquets...

And then Jerry surprised me with a Mother's Day arrangement.

Beauties everywhere I glance. And the fragrance? Delightful!

I think I could cook salmon, or boil eggs, or bring the cats' litter box back in.

Or I could just enjoy the sweet aroma...and not make it compete with anything else. Yep, that sounds wonderful.


R said...

yay! i get to do this in a couple of weekends. i can't wait!!

and i laughed when i got the recital costume memo about hair buns. i immediately thought of you and your post about that! :0) i may be tapping you for help. ha!

i love your fiesta pitcher! i've been eyeing the same one in red.

Rachelle said...

Love the pics! Especially the ones with the mirror behind her. It's like she has a twin! No pics of the boys in front of mirrors for me.. then there would be 4 of them and I think I would just pass out at the sight of that! :)

AmyB said...

thats a ton of flowers! did you know fiestaware is made in WV?? ;)

and I love the slicked back bang look!

H-Mama said...

She looks like a doll! You did a great job on her hair, Mama! ;) Beautiful flowers, too!

Recitals are fun... Ours is coming up soon! Excitement is in the air. :)


She looks beautiful!! Love her costume! Did she love it?

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