Saturday, May 1, 2010

The TWINS Birthday

We celebrated two special birthdays today...or one birthday for two special people...not really sure how that is worded!

Jerry's mom and uncle...twins...turned...well, hmmmm I'll just say somewhere between 60 and 65, but one notch closer to 65 than 60.

They drove here and we met up at Joe's Crab Shack (boy that place is LOUD...I think I am the old fogey). Uncle Howard treated us to lunch on his birthday, though we protested he said that since he had chosen the restaurant it would be his treat. I am thinking we'll let him choose our next vacation spot too. ;)

We came back to our house and tried something different for dessert. Cake balls. YUMMY. The shop owner described them to me as being bite sized pieces of cake, mixed with frosting and then dipped in chocolate. The result is very tasty!

The best part though was when Uncle Howard and Memmy opened their gifts to each other. Look at these shirts!

Don't they look like something a set of boy/girl twins would where on purpose!?! You know, to match but not be too matchy matchy?

Anyways, Happy Birthday guys! We LOVE you both and loved celebrating your birthday's to many more! {Envision me toasting you with my margarita cakeball}


Rachelle said...

So funny they each got those shirts... The twin mind is so connected. Yummy cakeballs! They are all the rage up here! I will give you a buzz soon. I turned my cell # over to Phil so I did not get the message you called until the weekend. Love to chat soon!

Life In Progress said...

Those shirts CRACK ME UP!! What a fun day!

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