Saturday, May 8, 2010

A few of my favorite things...

First thing in the morning...

The Keurig! I am loving this housewarming present we got from Jerry's parents and uncle a while back.

Why I like it? I was the one forever not washing out the coffee pot or throwing out the grinds right away. Nothing to rinse out here...and you have to toss the "grinds" before you can make your next cup, so no issue there!

And the flavors are current fave? Anything made by Donut House...especially Chocolate Glazed Donut and Cinnamon Roll.

A calorie free donut? Two or three every morning for me!


Last thing at night...

Our king size bed. For all the obvious reasons, but also for it's ease in bed-making. I do NOT like making beds. How can I sleep in an unmade bed? Very easily...every night, in fact. Something I despise even more than the regular bed making is sheet changing. That is why our new king is one of my favorite things. It is nearly a perfect square. Actually I thought it was a perfect square until I just googled it...actually they measure 76 x 80, so 4 inches shy. But those 4 inches don't matter when slapping on a new set of sheets...whichever way you turn them, they fit! No fussing over finding the long vs. short side. Love it.

Any time in between...when I have put off laundry long enough.

This Bounce Dryer Bar...

You know it is time to get a babysitter when Friday night conversation with your hubby lends itself to dryer sheet vs. dryer bar discussions. These are the reasons we came up with for why we like it so much:

-He loves the space that he now has in the laundry cabinet that used to be taken up by the dryer sheet box.
-He loves that he doesn't have to remember to put one in. Or as he said, put two or three more in because he can't remember if he had already put a sheet in or not.

-I love not having to remember to buy dryer sheets.
-I love anything that gets my hubby excited about doing laundry.
-I love not having to chase loose dryer sheets all over the house when folding! Those things seem to get away from me. Oh, and Lord help me, I am still hearing about the time one got left in Lily's napmat for school.
-and the smell...oh the fresh much stronger than bounce sheets.


Little girl dance recitals!

Tonight is the night for Lily's big show. It is a Dr. Seuss theme and she is one of Thidwick's butterflies...a rainbow butterfly no less! CANNOT WAIT! If I can just get her bangs slicked back and staying put I will be one happy mama. Her teacher, a complete Julie Andrews, made it seem so easy during the hair/make-up demonstration...her words were, "just a little spray gel should do the trick". Um yeah. I mixed 3 products and a few cuss words together for the rehearsal and they kind of stayed.

I love her teacher though. Such a cross between Mary Poppins and Maria from The Sound of Music. She sings "A Few of My Favorite Things" with them each week, so one rest time I sat Lily down in front of Mary Poppins so she could hear her sing that song. Lily was frustrated and told me that song never came on...what? Duh...that would be Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music. Poor child. The next day we watched the correct movie and it actually provided some real rest!

Must run, can't keep Julie Andrews waiting...I don't have an umbrella to fly downtown with!

What are a few of your current favorite things?


H-Mama said...

What did we ever do before k-cups? Oh yeah, I was the one cleaning out the moldy pot b/c hubs forgot and I didn't know he'd made coffee. ;) I love the tea... so technically, hub's Christmas gift was a gift to us all. Hahhh...

Yay for king size sheets, too!

And lil' girl recitals are so exciting. I know your lil' ballerina will be beautiful... even if the bun is not perfect. ;)

jennifer said...

oh i want one of those cool coffee makers too.

laughing at the "you know you need a babysitter when..." comment. TOO true, sister. Too true.

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