Thursday, May 6, 2010

No Schedule and Slimy the Snail

Ah. I have come to love Wednesdays. They are the one day we aren't running out the door to ballet or tap, or my part time job...which since our move is an hour from here (I know!). I mean, it was my choice to leave the girls in preschool out there 2 days a seemed like a good way to limit their transitions during the move, but after all the driving I am not sure it was the best plan. They do make great HOV lane buddies though, and the plan is to work mainly from home starting in June.

Back to my point...Wednesdays are a great break. Yesterday we had NOT ONE THING planned. I considered inviting some friends over to play or going to visit my dad, but resigned to just spend the day with my two girlies and not venture anywhere. As evidenced in the video below there was time for playdough, paints and colors but apparently no time to break out the hair comb. Yikes...a little scary looking!

Just as our creative juices had been drained, we found a huge garden snail out back.

Have you ever seen such an active snail?

Slimy quickly became our entertainment for the next little while.

I texted a picture to my mom and she replied back, "Wow! That thing is huge, you'll have to pull up a chair and serve him a plate for dinner"! Actually I hadn't made a dinner plan yet, I was thinking that introducing the girls to a little escargot might not be a bad menu.

Thankfully Jerry recommended Mexican in honor of Cinco de Mayo, so Slimy the Snail lives another day.


Rachelle said...

That is a HUGE snail! Fun flower experiment! We did that one year as a Mother's Day craft when I worked in a daycare and it turned out really cute! Such a fun girl project!

R said...

my favorite thing? hearing your voice!! that's always so fun to hear blog friends' voices.

and i may steal your flower experiment...what a great idea!! my girls would love it!

Michelle said...

I can't view the video :(. But sounds like you had a fun day! And that snail is BIG!

Nicole - Life in Progress said...

If I showed Caroline that video she would ask if she coule move in with you guys :) Of course, she would want to bring her hermit crabs, her frog and her bullfrom tadpole along!!

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