Monday, April 5, 2010

Good thing Easter isn't just about the bunny...

otherwise Lily and Jade wouldn't have been able to celebrate.

We went early Friday morning to do an Easter breakfast and egg hunt at the botanical garden. The girls couldn't even concentrate on breakfast when the Easter Bunny got too close.

Jade's face cracks me up! I do agree that huge bunnies are a little strange! At least Santa is life size.

It did seem a little weird to be enjoying egg hunts on Good Friday, but all the other dates had sold out.
The girls really seemed to understand the Easter story this year. It seemed to especially sink in with Lily although Jade was definitely absorbing some of the facts if not the meaning. We opened up a new Resurrection Egg each evening after dinner and felt the anticipation of the empty tomb build. So thankful the Lord conquered the grave!

On Easter morning, Daddy was in charge of getting the pre-church photos while I finished getting ready. I think he did a great job getting some shots in front of the Dogwood tree.

Decorating the cross at church...

It was a great weekend! Jerry didn't have any church meetings due to the holiday so we really enjoyed getting to ride to church together as a family and hanging out at Gramma's that afternoon.

The cousins had fun...and I chuckled to learn that even big cuz' Avery shared in their Easter Bunny fears...he had to deliver her basket and goodies to my sister's car because Avery forbid him to enter the house!

Reminded me of when Lily requested Santa to use FedEx to deliver her gifts. Ah, kids!


dano said...

You have lovely daughters. I like the marker with the words "He is Risen"

Rachelle said...

Love the pics. Sorry I did not call back, we had at someone up last night off and on until about 12:15. I'll try to catch up with you on Friday. Phil teaches a class tonight and has practice on Wednesday night, so I will have my hands full.

H-Mama said...

Awww... That video is precious! Agreed. Life-sized bunnies = not normal. ;) Dad did a great job with the pix. Beautiful smiles.

Wilson Family said...

Oh boy your girls are just beautiful! We miss you guys!
Maybe we can get together soon!

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