Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tickles, Giggles, and SMACK!


I cannot stand to be tickled. Ah...I hate it. The helpless feeling. Near suffocation from lack of breaths. Possibility of urinating. Whatever. I just do not like it.

My girls though?

They love it. They beg for it!

My apologies for the loud TV in the background...our beloved Mavericks are in the playoffs!

Next, the tickle monster attacks Lily by activating her "collapse button"...and things get a little out of hand...

See? Did you see, and hear, that SMACK at the end? Now I am wearing a busted lip. Just another reason to hate tickling.


H-Mama said...

Poor mama! Such a cutie-patootie video though. ;)

Joanne Kennedy said...

Oh I hate to be tickled too! But I do love to hear little kids laughing like that.

Ouch! That must have really hurt. Good thing you didn't lose any teeth.


Michelle said...

Oh, how I love the sound of kids giggling. That is a priceless video. But, I hope your lip is healing well.

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