Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lessons learned from the disappearance of an orange cat

Orangi, oh Orangi. Lily's beloved cat had disappeared once again. She is the petite adventurer while her brother, Blackie, is the big homebody. When she disappeared last Thursday, we figured she'd show back up by the next morning.

She never did.

Jerry and I pretty much had decided we had seen the last of that cat. Orangi had the habit of following anybody who happened to be walking by our house. With last week being Spring Break, we figured some kids had just ignored her tags and adopted her as their own.

Lily was not so quick to give up. She spoke daily of how she missed Orangi and prayed the sweetest prayers for her quick return. Jade even chimed in praying that Blackie would not get lost. I love to hear the earnest prayers of our daughters, but also felt the need to remind Lily that God is good, but doesn't always answer our prayers exactly the way we want Him to.

I was really feeling bad for Lily and decided I better make some Missing Cat- $ REWARD $ type signs in effort to get Orangi back home. I was just getting started on it this morning but ended up getting distracted with a welcome phone call from a friend. Rachelle's battery ended up dying, but my phone rang soon unrecognized number.

I answered.

The woman spoke broken English, but I quickly figured out that she had our cat! It was a mistake, but I must have muttered, "you have our cat?!?" out loud, and then I had the girls' screams of joy as well as her lack of English to contend with while trying to figure out how and where to retrieve Orangi. I scribbled down the name of an apartment complex and her unit number and called Jerry to see if he could swing a lunch break to retrieve her with us.

After getting off the phone I was finally really able to notice the joy on Lily's face. Her confidence had never been shaken. She knew this day was coming. And most remarkably, she immediately asked me if she could pray to God to thank Him for keeping Orangi safe. My heart melted.

I am so thankful the Lord chose to answer the tender prayers of my 5 year old in this situation. Her confidence and faith has encouraged me.

Orangi seems to be in good shape...just super tired! She normally makes herself available for whatever schemes Lily has up her sleeve, but when Lily put her in the doll cradle and she actually fell asleep and stayed there...I knew she was zonked!

Lily wanted to be in a picture too...when I asked her what she was doing she explained she was making a heart with her arms...showing her love for Orangi. ;)

Nighty, night sweet Orangi....sleep well sweet kitten!

And I better get to sleep as well. My dad is undergoing a cardiac catheter very early in the morning about an hour away from here. I want to be there before they take him back. We are praying for a safe and productive procedure. Lily and Jade have been praying for the owies on Papa's sweet...and I know the Lord is listening to them!


Jennifer said...

Yay! Praise the Lord for found kitties!

Rachelle said...

Prayers this morning.

AmyB said...

This is the sweetest post ever. Praying that your dad is doing great!

Alana said...

What a great story. I love it. How is your Dad?

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