Monday, April 12, 2010

From the mouths of Lily and Jade

I have to record a few mistakes in Jade's speech that continually make us chuckle. Soon she will heed our corrections and inevitably we will forget she ever did it.

I am sitting on my body.
Ooh. I can see your body.
I better get my panties on so you can't see my body.

Mom, why are you bringing your cinderella?
We're going to need a cinderella today!
Where is my Pooh cinderella?


Lily got so frustrated with me the other day in the van. She began telling me that she really wanted to watch "Hazel".
Lily-Yes, Hazel!
Me-(completely stumped) Like your hazel eyes?
Lily-No! The girl who has the long hair!
Me-(relieved) mean Rapunzel! Okay, well I'll look for that video.
Lily-So mom, do you think it would hurt to have a prince climb up your hair?
Me-Hmm. Not sure that I really want to find out my dear!

To find out how other kiddos are making their parents chuckle, head over to:


Rachelle said...

Very cute!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Love that - so cute! They correct those words too soon. My 5 year old still says "bathing soups" and I hate correcting her :)

Happy TTT!

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