Wednesday, July 22, 2009

We didn't arrive wearing black and white, but left doing so.

A couple of Fridays ago, my little one...
had the pleasure of meeting up with this little one...

so that their big sisters could enjoy a little magic show at the library.

All I'll say is that it is amazing what preschoolers will laugh at. I thought I was easily entertained, but on second thought...maybe not.

Afterwards, we headed to our usual lunching place, Chick-Fil-A. It happened to be dress-like-a-cow-to-get-free-food-day. Oh my word. Now that was entertaining. You would not believe the herds of people in various black and white concoctions in line for free food. Or maybe you would if you witnessed it first hand at your Chick-Fil-A.

I knew something was up as I circled the parking lot try to find a space to park. Then I noticed the "free food" info on the sign. I quickly tried Melissa's cell in an attempt to make plan B. She was already in line though and couldn't hear her phone through all the chaos.

One mom with kids already unloaded and in line definitely trumped this mom's desire to avoid the masses.

I snuck in line with her and after we had secured two high chairs, all was well.

There were even photo ops with cows of various sizes and genders.

There was also a big chicken in the group.

As you can tell, none of us were wearing black and white.

Not pictured though are Lily's brand new white sandals. Two week old sandals. Sandals that were probably still white on the bottoms too. Sandals with no fraying edges, fuzz stuck in the velcro, or sweaty foot marks on the insoles.

They were with us though.

When I wandered into the play area, there they were...scattered right in the middle of the floor. Nothing strange about that...why would we act any differently at Chick-Fil-A than we would in our own home? Then I looked a little closer. I picked up the one size 11 that was new and obviously Lily's and went to find it's mate. There was another size 11 of the same style on the floor too...but it was tattered and black with filth...stretched out and fraying.
No. NO. Not possible.

I quickly surveyed every kid's foot in the entire restaurant. No match found. I'm sure all the moms were wondering what interest I had in their kids feet. So frustrating.

Lily didn't even want to put it on, but the pain of the hot Texas pavement changed her mind.

Why would I care if halfway through the summer my kid's sandal got hijacked? Well, we had just gotten her those for a wedding three weeks ago because she had already outgrown the white shoes we had bought her in April.

We are flying out to my cousin's wedding in Michigan this weekend (praise the Lord for cold weather states), and I was hoping that Lily could wear the same dress/shoe combination.

I've suggested sending her out to play, run around the block, bike, go in the sand box, and dig in the mud for while with just her one new sandal on to even out the wear and tear.

So far she hasn't taken me up on it though. Ah, these kids who have grown up seeing the wonders of the Magic Eraser, they're just no fun.

I can't believe I didn't think to march her up to the counter and show off her cow hooves in hopes of a free meal.

You can bet that from now on her shoes will make it into a cubby at the play areas. I may have to devise a scare tactic to get her to do this at home too.

I'm off to enjoy a state where the highs are in the 70s and the hotels have heated indoor pools! Lily is still puzzled about that one. Have a wonderful weekend.


H-Mama said...

way to see the humor in it, mom. that's what sees us through!

oh those crazy library magic shows!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Nooooooo! Oh, I just felt your pain as your wandered through Chick-fil-a scoping out all the kids' feet. Buying kids shoes ain't cheap, especially when they outgrow them so quickly. Huge bummer. But super cute pics!

Kristi said...

Man! Rough times at chick fil-a. What an udderly awful experience (sorry, I couldn't resist). That happened to us at a basketball game, someone hijacked Rachel's warm up pants and I was shocked. Have a great time on your trip. The 70's? Ah, that sounds wonderful!

Anonymous said...

My dearest child: Cows do not come in genders. Cows are females who have had a calf, bulls are male. Steers are neutered males. Heifers are females who have not had a calf. Holstein Feresians can be black and white or red and white. Obviously Chicken Play likes black and white. Sorry about the sandals. Straight off the farm. MOM

Jennifer Rutherford said...

We had the same thing happen to us at CFA! A's socks were heisted and our friend's crocs were taken too! We could live without the socks (even though they were BRAND NEW, uggh!) but I fet so bad for my friend's son who had to leave with NO SHOES! I'm a little OCD about it now so the shoes stay with me.
Have fun on your trip and enjoy the cooler temps!

Jane Anne said...

Oh! I would have been so frustrated. Man, I miss Chick-Fil-a. There aren't any in the state I live in now. Have a great trip!

Rachelle said...

Sorry about the shoe! Have a great trip!

mamajil said...

Oh gosh!! I am still feeling your sorry about the shoe!
I hope you have fun swimming in a heated pool :)

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