Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy 60th, Mom!

Happy 60th to my mother dear!

We celebrated last weekend with an evening of fondue. The food was fab...the service drab. But the company was excellent.

Below is an excerpt from a post that I wrote to her on her last birthday. It was shortly after my stepdad's stroke. He has been gone seven weeks now and although we are thankful he isn't struggling any more, his death has brought new struggles for her. We love you mom...

I tell you often that I love you, but don't often mention some of the specific things about you that make me a better woman by being around you. Here goes the short list:

You are brilliant. Even dad would agree...any smarts we got...we got from you.

You are beautiful. How many times a day do you moisturize? I'm doing good to get some lotion on my face once a week.

You are not scared of hard work. You tend to run circles around me in any situation.

You are a great cook. Especially of the comfort food variety...and your homemade Old Fashioned Donuts.

You are good at biting your tongue. Can I just absorb that quality from you? Please? And fast?

You are a green thumb. Whether its veggies, flowers, shrubs, trees or grass...whatever question I have the answer.

You are the best nurse on call. Ever. Bet you wish I didn't have your cell phone number.

You are a handy woman. There isn't a home project...big or small...that you don't have some idea about and better yet, won't jump in and help with.

You are talented and crafty...and you love spoiling your grandkids with your handiwork.

You are musical. I could sit and listen to you play piano and sing for hours on end. You don't even know how many memories still dance in my head of me sitting next to you on that wooden bench while you played.

You are forgiving. Ahem...I need that forgiveness for each time I moved the kitchen timer ahead to end my piano practice a little sooner.

You are a walking encyclopedia. You never cease to amaze me at the topics you know and things that you remember. Sometimes even in German or Spanish.

You are proper. Our family's Emily Post for sure.

You are a woman of prayer. And God honors your prayers. I've always known, even as a little girl, that you prayed...fervently...for me.

You are a disciple. A disciple of the One True God.

That One True God has, is, and will continue to carry you through this difficult time.


I hope your day is wonderful, Mom. Thanks for a wonderful trip to Michigan this weekend. Thank you also for coming the day before and doing up all our laundry...that may be the single reason we were packed and ready to depart on time. More to come on that soon...the trip part, not the laundry part.


Anonymous said...

It is a happy day. 60 marks the beginning of another journey, where ever the Lord leads me. Thanks for taking time to remember my birthday. The trip was great. The card was beautiful. Did you make it? Looks like your handiwork. Have a great vacation! You know who.

Laura said...

My mom turned 60 yesterday!

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