Sunday, July 5, 2009

The 4th on the 5th...or something like that.

I just downloaded a few hundred pictures to my computer. As I contemplated posting them in order of occurrence, the thought crossed my mind that you probably aren't going to be interested about the 4th of July come September when I finally catch up...hey, you probably aren't even interested in the 4th today...but here it is anyway. Earlier photos are just going to have to wait.

This marked the 4th year that our family paired up with my sister's family and participated in our town's Independence Day Children's Parade. The idea is that you decorate your bike, wagon, stroller, motorized Jeep, or whatever and walk a couple of blocks with your kids, while pretending not to melt. Then you find a shady spot at the end to enjoy hotdogs, popcorn and lemonade while trying to convince your kids that although the bounce house slide is white, it will surely burn their backside all the way down.

Last year's celebration can be found here. Thank God I wasn't blogging the previous year...when we attended two days prior to having Jade. My Old Navy t-shirt just didn't do justice for my belly that year. (Oh, my! I just went to grab the link for that post. Lo and behold, I had gone back and scanned in pictures of my pregnant self for that post. Why, oh why?!?)

This year we didn't stay long because Jade's party followed the parade. I will be rethinking that for future years. Nothing like greeting guests while completing drenched in sweat and smelling your absolute finest.

Here is our day in pictures:

Little Sis in her red and blue. Never mind the fact that she wanted to wear sister's yellow flipflops.

Big sister ready to go.

Doing a little decorating.

3 cousins on the stairs.
The family.
Heading to the starting line-up.
Kelly and Avery getting pics before the sweat started dripping. Who am I kidding? That started on the way from the door to the car.
Waiting in the shade before the signal to begin.
And we're off.

I wish I could have fit in the wagon. Jerry is glad I didn't.
The grandparents reluctantly came out of the shade too.
We weren't the only ones enjoying the 101 degree heat.
I'm sure Jade was wishing she had a thumbsicle.
Later my mom said, "Well, Kerry, I'm glad I got to experience this with you guys...ONCE".

At least we weren't wearing spray painted fur.
Jade cooling off Papa with some ice water.
She got such a kick out of dripping water on his face and legs.
We headed home on a shady trail.

And Jade traded her thumb for a bottled water.
Hey, she's an aging woman...staying hydrated is important to ward off those wrinkles.


Rachelle said...

Fun! Tell Lily that her nails looked FAB! Jade cooling off Papa is just to sweet.... she is a doll! You should come for Halloween and we can enter the kids in the HAlloween parade! The kids get to dress up and the weather is nice and cool!

Kristi said...

What fun times! The girls look so pretty in their dresses...yellow flip flops and all...and I adore the sister pictures. Blessings to you!

Laura said...

Great 4th of July fun!! That dog cracked me up!!

H-Mama said...

Looks like fun! Well, minus the heat. ;)

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

As much as I LOVE Texas and would move back in a heartbeat, I don't miss the heat and humidity - I can practically feel it coming through these pics! So much fun though - love the family pic with your festive shirts.

Now I'm going to click on your link to see pictures of cute preggo you. ;)

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