Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fireflies vs. Lightning Bugs

My uncle offered for us to sit on the second row with the family during the wedding. I contemplated how long my bag of tricks for the girls might last.

Then I saw the church and knew we'd be taking a last row seat. I knew with one look, it would have gorgeous, yet loud and echoey hard wood floors.

So, there we sat on the last row. We had a great view of everyone coming in and out.

The girls did great...until Jade got a little chatty. It was then that I realized we were sitting right next to the video camera. Although I was positive they'd just love all of Jade's commentary on their wedding video, Jerry decided to take her out.

The reception was perfect. Lots of wide open space to run in. It was held at the old family farm where my aunt and uncle now live. Ironically it was the same location as my parent's wedding reception 37 years ago.

But back to the wide open space...the kids were free to roam which meant the parents were free to relax.

Until I felt the need to take some pictures:

My family must not trust one least when it comes to photo sharing. It's a shame that in this digital age, poor Jerry had to take shots with 3 or 4 cameras each time.

There were even a few pigs in the barn to look at.

And then when the sun went down, there was a whole new form of entertainment.


The girls had never seen them. Where have they gone? We used to have a ton of them when I was young here in Texas. Anyways, I have never seen Lily so excited about a bug in her whole life. She kept coming back into the tent to remind me that there were lightning bugs outside.

What a great form of entertainment for the little ones.

Until they argued all the way back to the hotel about whether they were called fireflies or lightning bugs.


jennifer said...

I know!!! Where have all the fireflies gone?

what a beautiful church! looks like a fun day.

H-Mama said...

how fun!

Rachelle said...

We are just covered with fireflies around here. I think they must breed in the corn fields. They are beautiful!

When I was a kid I called them LIGHT BUGS! You could toss that one in for good measure!

mamatutwo said...

Beautiful! Looks like we have a lot in common. We just got back from my niece's wedding where my kiddos were also a little chatty (but we sat in the second row!)

Melissa said...

When we were in Branson - I spotted a few! I called them fireflies...they've been 'gone' so long, I really don't know which they are!

Anonymous said...

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