Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Impressive, but only kind of.

As we near the end of Lily's private swim lessons (which I swore I'd never do), look what my baby girl did yesterday.


I seriously couldn't believe it. She did it 10 or 12 times in a row. Either my hand was shaking with excitement or my new cell phone takes really crappy pictures.

But before you are too impressed, the slide didn't exactly end in a deep pool of water. Not even a pool of water at all really.
More like a trough.

As the saying goes about being able to lead a horse to water but not being able to make them drink...well, the same goes for Lily about swimming.

This time I really am DONE with the formal lessons. She has gained confidence in the water but still really isn't swimming.

Surely the library or YouTube has some aides for this mama. I'm about to tackle the horse myself.


life with the wisners said...

i am so proud of her. SO SO SO PROUD of her.

H-Mama said...

Yay for Lily! I'm not sure my girls would have attempted the water slide. My youngest wanted to know why I couldn't 'homeschool' swimming lessons?? We finished our private lessons... and now I may research more techniques myself as well. ;)

Dana said...

It comes, I think. My oldest and now my second oldest taught themselves to swim. Thinking of swim lessons to help them learn some proper form, but they're doing ok.

And my oldest was terrified of water for the longest time.

The Sullivan Sitcom said...

Way to go Lily! You should be very proud Mom...the actual swimming will come when she's ready!

My kids are still in level 1 swimming lessons...and Maggie is 6. But she is doing much, much better...we as the mommas just have to patient...and that's the hardest part of this parenting gig!

Life In Progress said...

Way to go Lily! Looks like fun! I wouldn't too much about the swimming yet......we've done a lot of swimming lessons too, and it's mostly about just being comfortable in the water. "Form" comes later!!

Jane Anne said...

That's an impressive slide, any way you look at it. You should be happy that she did and wasn't afraid. The swimming will come. Getting over a fear of the water is the main thing.

Jennifer Rutherford said...

We did swim lessons with T when he was 2 and 3 years old, and that only bred pure TERROR of the water! Last summer, I dreaded anyone asking to do a swimming playdate because it was T clinging to me for dear life in the pool for 2 hours. NOT fun! So this summer we opted to buy some life jackets for both boys to wear in the water and I think it may be the trick for use. He feels like he has more control and is more willing to relax knowing it's on. He even jumped off the diving board a few weeks back over and over again. TOTALLY different child! It may be years before he learns how to actually swim but I am just happy he's not petrified of a pool now! :)

My2Gs said...

Yeah Lily!!! We need to re-enroll Grace in swim lessons again. She did so well on vacation with her arm swimmers. After the initial freak out...she calmed down and by the end of the day was dog paddling from one side of the pool to the other without mom or dad holding on. :)

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

That's great!

We are looking for swimming lessons for an entirely different matter.

I want a swimming instructor to scare him senseless :)

Wrote about here:

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