Thursday, February 12, 2009

While he's eating leftovers and tackling the bedtime routine...

I will be heading out with some girlfriends to watch Mother Load...a play, which if it is anything like its description, should be pretty funny.

Here is how it is described by the box office:

The Off-Broadway hit Mother Load, written by performer Amy

Wilson is an insightful exposé of the cutthroat world of competitive
parenting. Modern motherhood, this show tells us, is not for
sissies. In a world where a toddler's birthday party must be
catered, a stroller costs eight hundred dollars, and there’s a new
danger in your child’s toy box every week, how can a mother
keep from losing her mind? From prenatal yoga to preschool
interviews, the heroine of this show struggles to throw off the
"Mother Load" of unrealistic expectations, ignore the
competitive "sanctimommies" lurking in every playgroup, and
somehow find the time to enjoy her kids.

Here's to husbands who don't hesitate in giving you a girl's night out and to the girlfriends who think of the idea in the first place. Cheers!

What fun things have you been doing with your gal pals lately?


Laura said...

Amen, Sista! To our husbands! Cheers!

Raggedy Girl said...

It sounds like so much fun, enjoy!
Roberta Anne

Mrs.Naz@BecomingMe said...

That sounds so fun Kerry!!

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Oooo, that sounds good.

I have two fun chick lit books about motherhood you might like -

Tales from the Crib
Sippy Cups are Not for Chardonnay.

Both are like, snort milk up your nose funny.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

That sounds like something I need to go see. And unfortunately, girls nights out around here have been few and far between. Gotta make that happen...even if it's just hanging out at Starbucks.

jennifer said...

how fun!

have a blast!

jennifer said...

oh - to answer the question: we had Craft Night at my house on Monday night.

We didn't get very much done with the 2 year olds running around. Avery and her friend Faith discovered the water dispenser on my fridge and FLOODED the KITCHEN.

Wow. That will test your patience!

I think that we're going to head over to Archiver's without the kiddos next time!

Jennifer @ Taking My Time said...

Sounds like fun! Have a great time!

Michelle said...

Yea for Jerry! Hope you had a blast.

CarolinaMama said...

There's a group of girls that I see regularly at a girls night just once a month which is perfect. Usually a different restaurant or coffeehouse. Spa occasionally for a mani/pedi. They are awesome friends.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Heidi said...

I'm going to a little retreat soon, with a couple dozen women to East TX. We are going to dig deep; sort of a serious retreat. I'm really looking forward to what I'll learn and discover!

Sarah Markley said...

NOTHING and I need to. I really do.

does womens retreat count?

Blogging Mom said...

Hope you had fun! It's really hard to find time for my friends but lately we were able to spend one relaxing day at the spa. I treasure moments with them, especially now that we are busy with our families.

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