Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My "hoffee" girl and her sister who can't breathe

At 19 months, Jade's speech has really been blossoming. I love this stage and seeing how they choose to put their words together to communicate something.

She has recently learned "now", and just by using that little 3 letter word she has suddenly become demanding. "Wa-wa, now! Eat, now!" "Shoes, now!"...good thing she's cute as she makes all these demands.

But my favorite new combination is "hoffee"...I've probably been warning her about coffee being "hot" since birth...why bother saying "hot coffee"? "Hoffee" sums it up pretty well for me.


The other morning I had to put Lily in time out for pushing Jade. There is a stiff chair in the dining room that I usually make her sit in for four minutes (one minute per year of age) while she thinks about what she has done and forms her apology.

She was so irritated at me for putting her there and although she doesn't often try to get up from the chair, she was objecting quite loudly with her voice. So I closed the glass door between the kitchen and dining room to buffer the noise. As I did, she erupted into even louder wailing.

When I opened the door to inquire what the issue was, she responded, "Don't close the door, Mommy, it makes it too hard for me to breathe!"

Punishment by perceived suffocation. Wow, now that is one I hadn't thought of.

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Raggedy Girl said...

I do love to hear about your sweet daughter. I love the "can't breathe"
Roberta Anne

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Too funny!

I might start using hoffee...so much easier ;)

Lindsay said...

hehe hoffee such a great combination of words!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Hoffee - perfect! Why add more syllables when you don't need to?

And Miss Lily just made me laugh out loud...how do they think of this stuff??

MoziEsmé said...

Sounds like you're into pure torture there!

Jennifer @ Taking My Time said...

I love how dramatic and verbal girls are. Sometimes :) Your girls sound delightful, mine wears me out sometimes...

Michelle said...

That's great that you are keeping track of your Jadeisms and Lilyisms. I am sure they will love to hear about them one day :).

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Love the toddler words. So cute. Hoffee is a perfect description!

hope that little gal can breathe in her next time out ;)

Happy TTT!

Jade Hoffee said...

How ironic as heck!!!!!! My name is actually, jade hoffee and my birthay is february 10th the day you posted this!!!! Im in complete shock right now!!!! No joke, im soooo serious how strange and ironic this post is!!!!! Wow!!!!

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