Saturday, November 1, 2008

Princess Belle and her lone subject the Duck

Living in Texas, I'm always laughing when the Halloween costume catalogs come out. Most of the costumes for children under two are lined, hooded, furry and clearly made for residents of the north pole. However, most of the costumes for ages 2 and up require layering many garments underneath just to cover the essentials.

I wasn't sure come 10/31 if we'd be experiencing a heat wave or a cold snap. I did know though that only one of my girls would be comfortable...temperature wise at least.

It was 80 degrees. Can you tell who was comfortable and who was not?

Also, can you tell who had a fever and ear tube/adenoid surgery scheduled for the next day? (We played Halloween dress up on Thursday night)

Not exactly rocket science I tell ya.

If you want to see my cuties last year, click here. If you want to see more cuties in general, there is a fun costume parade going on over here.

And because fall is my favorite time to bring out the camera, here is a little slide show of some other things we've been doing this season...which has really just begun for us.

Have a great weekend, I'm off to snuggle with my little post-op duckie.


Rachelle said...

Great pics! The girls are so big! I have my pics of them from when we went to the Pumpkin Patch last year...and my how they have grown! Tell Lily she looked beautiful all dressed up for Halloween! Have a great weekend! We are at the ABWE Conference and staying at a Best Western! I just love being at a Hotel!

Christina said...

lily is really playing the princess belle costume well - particulary in the head shot photo. poor jade! i hope the surgery went well. did u use the same doc for lily - same as our doc? we have been so happy with everything. no ear infections since!

Melissa :) said...

I'm trying to figure out if you are at the same pumpkin patch we go to!? We didn't make it this year though.

I do believe the one we visit is in FM - I go the back way from Keller & it doesn't take too long. It's down a gorgeous country road...

Girls look cute! I was about to sweat to death Friday night.

Hope that baby is doing good! :)

Kate said...

Oh, did your little ducky end up going okay? I hope so. And did you make it out alright?

And we usually have the opposite problem around here on the frozen prairie...but this year it was a balmy 50 degrees. Kids were practically out in flip flops.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

80 degrees! That's just not right! :) Jade cracked me up in her cute duck long did you make her wear it? Sweet girls.

How is Jade doing?

Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...

Your girls are just beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us!

I hope your little duck is doing well after the op. Bless her heart! :)

Carolina Mama said...

They are too cute! I love the family picture you got by the wagon wheel. It looks like you all had a ball. Aren't you glad everyone was well just in time! :)

I told Mt. Man about your "Sheets on the front porch" b/c we had our own little "episode" shortly thereafter. :) Thankfully, all is well now.

LMilky said...

hey thanks for commenting! we are actually using the powder formula but not sure that it has having any effect on their snorts. it may have just been a cold? i hate this formula run around thing! I wish that I could have kept breast pumping (long story I may share another time!)

your kids are adorable! i did the allergy, tonsil, adenoid, ear infection thing my whole life so I am glad you are doing this young for little duck man.

Sarah Markley said... was ALmost 80 degrees here too. pretty hot. your girls are soo cute! =)

Martha Cox said...

How true how true! The kids look adorable!

Martha Cox said...

How true! How true! the kiddos look adorable!

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