Friday, November 7, 2008

I just can't do it like Daddy.

Daddy is the fun guy around here. I love how he can get the girls all riled up before bedtime but also has no problem calming them back down again and tucking them in for the night. He is also the "fixer". It doesn't matter how big or small the task is, if something breaks around here during the day, it is automatically assumed that it will have to wait until daddy is home for it to get fixed.

Although I can compete in both of those arenas, the one role I will never challenge him on is "bug removal". Case in point:

Lily trapped some sort of bug under this glass TWO DAYS AGO. Although it is surely dead, there is no way that I will be lifting the dome to find out for sure. These type of creatures have a way of reviving themselves at inopportune times.

Daddy: if you are reading, PLEASE remember to dispose of this little guy tonight.

We bought a double jogger a few months ago. We got a good deal on it at a second hand shop, and despite its hot pink color, Jerry has been the one to give the girls frequent spins in it. He'll give the girls a jog in it occasionally when he gets home from work to give me a chance to finish up dinner and get in on the table. Hey, the boy likes to eat. I guess that trumps being seen pushing a fuchsia stroller around the neighborhood. I'm sure he's secretly thankful for daylight savings time though.

I wasn't in the mood to haul the girls in and out of the gym this morning, so I thought I'd give the jogging stroller a whirl. Whew. I know the invention of the wheel was great, but it didn't seem to make their 62 pounds any lighter for me today.

I was optimistic as I got going, but then the surface that I'm sure is nearly flat seemed to be entirely uphill and out-of-shape-girl had to slow to a walk to recover. Oh the whining that ensued.

Mom...what happened?
Mommeeeeeee...why did you slow down?
MOMMY...this is boring.
MOM, go fast again!

and the real kicker:
Daddy doesn't have to go slow like this.

Yeah. And I'm sure your dad isn't panting wildly out of breath and feeling faint after about 90 seconds of jogging with you guys EITHER.

I will have no problem getting them to the gym in the future. The gym machines don't mock me.

So here is the run down for me this Fit Friday:
I made it to the gym for cardio and minimal weights twice.
I attempted to jog with my girls this morning but it was cut short. Don't they look happy?

I ate pretty decently, but I just remained steady on weight.

I was a little shocked at that, but then I remembered the huge piece of cake I ate Wednesday afternoon. This week marked the end of my little PT at home job. They threw me a little farewell party at the office, and oh my word, the size of the piece of cake they put on my plate? It was big enough for three people. But, being the good sport that I am, I ate the entire thing.

We're heading to Austin this weekend for a good friend's wedding, so I'm sure I'll meet cake once again, and maybe some sparkly bubbly stuff too. If I was the dancing type, I'm sure I'd work all that right off, but I. am. so. NOT.

Next week is a new chapter in our little family's life though. I'm sure without 20-25 hours of paperwork hanging over my head and keeping me up way late at night, I will have plenty of time to hit the gym. And prepare healthy home cooked meals, too. Right?

Actually I'm just hoping to survive Jade's new Daylight Savings wake up time. 5:25 AM is brutal.

Oh, and several of you asked about how Jade's surgery went. She did super. Jade got ear tubes in and adenoids out and is feeling great. She is quicker to smile, more giggly and overall just a happier, chattier kid. I don't think we realized how bad she had been feeling. Thanks for checking in on her.


One More Equals Four said...

I didn't lose a bit this week either but I choose to think it is muscle or water retention! Good luck this week, it is hard to workout with kids, I know, but keep it up!

Posh Mama said...

Everyone needs a little cake now and then, right? lol Great job on the working out! And congrats on the extra time :) I wonder how i can get some of that...

Good luck on this upcoming week!

The Sullivan Sitcom said...

Have a piece of cake for me....oh and some of the bubbly stuff too! I love weddings!
Glad to hear that Jade is doing well! Have a fun and safe weekend!

Christina said...

i get my exercise through running and with makenna in a jogging stroller. it has been a life saver. my running trips have changed as she has begun to talk because she also doesn't like for me to take breaks and likes for me to talk to her the whole time! i know the feeling!!!

life with the wisners said...

"But, being the good sport that I am, I hate the entire thing."

i hate it too.


so glad to hear about jade's surgery. miracles, i'm telling ya.

aren't you fun and perky today?

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Wow, that really IS a pink jogger, isn't it? :) Real men can push pink strollers and not give it a second thought...good for your hubby.

Are you excited about staying home and not having that workload keepin you up? I remember when I worked from home and I would stay up so late to get things gets old fast.

Have fun in Austin!

jennifer@love,laughter,and lyrics said...

Hee, hee! I love this post. It made me laugh!

Life In Progress said...

I've NEVER passed up wedding cake. EVER in my life! It's one of my very favorite food groups.

So glad for your good news about Jade!

Good luck next week.

Growin' with it! said...

how in the world do these daddy's do it? mine's the same...comes home after a long day at work and has energy. meanwhile i'm grumping over the stove feeling worn out from just doing the laundry. pitiful! i'm so grateful for this guy in my life!

Colored With Memories said...

janet, i heart you.

Melissa :) said...

Dance woman, dance!

Glad Jade is doing so well. :)

Jennifer @ Taking My Time said...

The stroller looks wide enough for parents to share the chore of pushing, but if it were my husband and me, they'd be dragging me! It would look like a cartoon.

Oh and I'm not a dancer either. We didn't have any of that at our own wedding reception and at my sister's I got brave and danced a little, but felt like an idiot.

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...


Tomorrow morning at 5:30 just feel some comfort in the fact that Eva Rose has woken us all up too.

Melissa S. said...

I guess C.J. and Jade have more than the surgery in common. 5:25 is the new wake time here, too - exactly! It's killing me! And the weird thing is that he always got up at 7:00 before. I'm sorry, but I thought the time difference was an hour and NOT AN HOUR AND 35 MINUTES! I don't understand. Hope you're enjoying some sparkly bubbly stuff right now.

Life In Progress said...

Oh, also wanted to say that my girls agree with your girls that all things broken can be fixed by Daddy. Caroline always tells me, "Well, when Daddy gets home from work he can fix it with _______ (fill in the blank)."

I LOVE that.

Melissa :) said...

Psssssst - I have my first free giveaway! Go see! :)

Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

Way to go...getting your exercise in. I smiled as I read about the comments your girls made as you were pushing the stroller:) That would not be an easy workout.

R said...

girl, we are the saaaame way here! down to battery changing. i hate unscrewing the lids on kids' toys to change the batteries so much that i wait till my man comes home and make him do it. my poor girls are going to grow up thinking that i can't do anything for myself! haha

Michelle said...

Daddy's are always good for bug removal! Hope you are enjoying your week with the girls, I can't wait to hear about all that you do.

I can't believe we missed you in Austin, but we are looking forward to Thanksgiving. Sweet Pea can't wait to see Lily and I can't wait to catch up!

The Smiths said...

Impressed that you are taking 2 in the jogging stroller. That deserves cake in my world!

Carolina Mama said...

You amaze me doing all of this and pushing a full stroller like that is no small feat. Kudos! And you're doing the Holiday Hotty thing too. Awesome.

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