Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Why buy toys?

Seriously. Why buy toys?

Our girls would rather play with real things than toy things.

And since they love their mama so much and simply cannot stand to be further than five feet from her at any given moment, when I am cooking...they are in my cabinets.

The salad spinner alone is a great entertainer. Jade loves to watch it go round and round. When that gets old, the bowl portion of it makes a great helmet.

As I was cooking the other night, I was thinking about how wasteful some of our toy purchases have been. They'd simply rather be playing with my Tupperware or pots and pans. Lily had for some unknown reason left the 5 foot safety net, and Jade was quietly entertaining herself alone. I only mention this because surely Jade would have been tattled on before making this mess had she been in big sis' sight.


So proud.

Want some?

Lily must have smelled trouble and rather than tattling decided to join the fun.

Jerry was running late from work and I was in the middle of preparing a new fish recipe that required my attention. The mess had already been made so I decided to let their play continue.

For some reason our girls often like to play "puppy". Lily instigates this by crawling around on the floor with Jade and making barking sounds. She will bark a few times and then tell me in English what she has just said in puppy speak. I think their father has put them up to this in hopes that I'll find it annoying and give in to getting a real dog.

I decided to end the fun when I saw the littlest puppy doing this.

Surely CPS won't fault me for taking a picture first.

So this is why we DO buy toys. In order to try to avoid these messes.

I'm thinking instead of more toys, maybe we just need to invest in some cabinet locks.

Honey, put that on your holiday to-do list. And no, I'm not annoyed enough to get a puppy.


R Alexander said...

I enjoy your blog. It was your mother in law who informed me of how much you liked to write! I don't know if we have met, but I went to church at CREMC for several years and was a teacher at ChristWay for 5 years and had your husband in my class. I later went to work for DeSoto ISD, where your father in law was sort of an icon! LOL-Robyn Alexander

Rachelle said...

Glad to see the girls are giving you a run for your money....If I can't be there to give you a hard time and Jerry is stuck at work then I am happy to know daddy has traind them well ;) They may be messy, but dang they sure are cute!

Jennifer @ Taking My Time said...

Good job girls! Remember Luke's potato chip incident?

You are a good mom for letting them continue with their sensory experience! :)

Becoming Me said...

They are so so cute...and I so so understand!

The Sullivan Sitcom said...

You are a really good mom....there is no way I could have let that go on...although if you did have a dog, he would have been cleaning it up for you! Just an idea!

Did I see Kashi cereal there on the floor...I LOVE Kashi cereal, but girl, it ain't cheap...

Anonymous said...

okay I have to ask Did Jerry find Cherios in his shoes? And on the bright side Jade put them in the muffin tin before eating them. Kudddos to her! Just laugh it will get you through the teen age years. You dont know how good you have it till the little darlings are no longer so little. Love ya!

Aunt Lisa

Jennifer Rutherford said...

We love the Kashi cereal too and with money being tight, I would have had a coronary seeing it on my kitchen floor! :) Way to go for being so laid back about it!

No Chub Club said...

If you get cabinet locks as a Christmas gift, that will be one of the worst gifts ever along side a blender and a vacuum!

Sara@ Butterville said...

and here I thought only MY child ate off the floor like that! But he actually ate the dog food! Salad spinners ROCK! We use it for a car wash. (matchbox cars) Totally cool.
I've also done the spill it on the floor, again dog food. I dumped the whole bag over. yeowza, that was fun cleaning up. (Do I vaccum it and pitch it or pick it up and save the $14 worth of food?)

Jamie Hindman said...

I think I would prefer to see my little one eating off the floor than drinking out of the toilet like Brian caught Max doing the other day. (For those of you who don't know, Max is not a dog, he's my 2-year old son).

Colored With Memories said...

sara-definitely pick it up to save the $14...your dog will never know!

and jennifer-it was just some cheerios that spilled, stale ones i might add. the kashi remained safe!

Melissa :) said...

Hahahaha! Seriously, we have hundreds of dollars in unused toys. Seriously. Hundreds. Of. Dollars.

This year I'm just getting boxes! Ü

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

I realize this is not the point of your post, but...I LOVE your red cabinets. So pretty.

Sometimes you just have to trade off little things like letting them eat off the floor so you can get things done. ;) I have so been there.

Growin' with it! said...

you are the coolest mom EVAH! how fun. and boy do i know what you mean about buying toys. we went thru a phase with our boys that we would make a trip to the goodwill and they'd pick out a bunch of big household items, etc. and we'd bring them home and watch them take 'em apart. genius!

happy thanksgiving!

Dots said...

A very cute post... just adorable. Happy Thanksgiving!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

That is such a cute post! And as I scrolled down and saw your "Bonnet Baby" picture in the sidebar, I had to gasp because I have a pic of my 22 year-old in white with a white bonnet, and I always ALWAYS make a comment about "Bonnet Baby" when I look at it or she sees it now. "Oh, my sweet little Bonnet Baby!"

Marci @Finding Joy in the Journey said...

This is exactly why I do have a dog!

If I didn't have this sort of disaster at least once a week with a couple of human dogs munching cheerios off the floor, it just woulnd't feel like home.

When they are finished though, the real dog takes over and the mess is all gone.

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