Friday, November 21, 2008

Fit Friday

I was really surprised that the scale wasn't a little more friendly to me this morning. I only had two workouts this week, but they were good solid workouts. The best I've had in...well...ever.

Our little mom and pop gym recently got bought out by LifeTime Fitness, so we are enjoying the mega club's benefits until they jack our rates to more than I currently weigh...and then we'll be saying adios. Currently though we are enjoying it at our little old gym's prices.

The problem with a new gym is that it has taken me a little while to get comfortable in the weight area. At our old gym, the hefty man area was on a separate level...far, far away from the likes of me. Although our new gym has separate hefty vs. non hefty areas, they are adjacent to each other, and this intimidates me so much.

So, a few Saturdays back, I allowed Jerry the pleasure of showing me around the new weight area. He was so not enthused. I thought this would surely be the highlight of his weekend. Kids in childcare. Showing off his skillz while parading his wifey around the weight floor. All the whining and constant reminders that he would not be doing this again were enough to last for a lifetime. Where did he want to be? The hefty area. Puleeeeeez.

I listened well and learned fast. I have now decided that I am not going to the gym to only do cardio or only do weights. I will only go when I have time to do both.

The problem isn't me being embarrassed to not even need to use the pin on the chest press...the 20 pound bar is my max, it is the weights where you have to adjust the seat or various other mechanisms to fit your size. That is what gets me. And it happened a couple of times this week. I sit down to do leg extensions and I can't get the dern thing to adjust. I pull. I push. I turn the nob. I apply weight. I take my legs off. Finally I just get off the freakin' machine and get everything to what I think is the right height and length, only to get back on and realize I've overestimated my leg length by a good six inches. That is when I am positive the hefties are huddling and discussing the poor little lady that they are observing in distress. Let's just say my face wasn't red from the workout.

My friend Donna commented last week that all my indulging in Austin probably wouldn't hit me til this week. I wanted her to be wrong, but it seems she was right. So, while my scale is lucky there wasn't a bathroom window to throw it out of, I still actually feel pretty good. I'm hoping to workout 3 to 4 times this week. That may not sound like much, but it has finally gotten cold here in Texas and for some reason that propels me towards hot chocolate and warm cuddles on the couch with my girls.

I do have some good news that I forgot to report a while back. I had my blood drawn at my annual exam...and get this...since doing this diet my cholesterol has dropped nearly 40 points. I am ecstatic about that! Sadly, we are paying higher life insurance rates on me because it had crept up to 199 two years ago. So, at least I know I am eating healthier and doing better overall...if I wasn't such a wimp about needles I'd probably come have them check my blood again to lower our rates. I am more frightened by a blood draw than I am labor and delivery. Freaky I know!


Sara@ Butterville said...

What you said about adjusting...that is EXACTLY why I don't gym it! I have decided that I will be fat and happy. I want my cake, and when I pass on, my headstone will read: Here lies Sara
She was a devoted wife and mother and always ate dessert first. Her life was filled with love and chocolate. She was happy and we needed a crane to get her in this hole! Bwahahaha. Ok, I'm not fat, I'm overweight by like 50 pounds by Vogue standards. 25 by mine. I was a skinny minnie in High school, the gross kind, who looked like she needed to eat Big Macs the rest of her life...Then I had kids, and well, THAT weight never goes away without doctor intervention.
I am proud of you and all those giving it their very best. You are my heros. But I'll just sit back and eat my peppermint Joe joes from Trader Joes and enjoy the reading.
Am I so mean or what? ;)

Katelin said...

congrats on MAKING IT to the gym first of all :) second, the adjusting is something you will get used to. i started going to the gym a couple years ago and i would get so frustrated that i could never get it "just right", BUT after a few times in the gym, i figured out the machines and their little attitudes about being adjusted. you'll get there!

as for the hefty dudes watching you...dont worry, they are too busy looking at themselves in the mirror to pay any attention to anything else. and if they are...just look at them and bend your arms...all the way straight. they will cry in their protein shake. (there was a trainer at my gym who was so "muscle man" it looked like he couldn't bend his arms straight. i had a good laugh..and went back to my leg machine)

Growin' with it! said...

i took a swim class at our local community pool last year. it was FULL of old men and old women. so stuffing this ol bod in a swimsuit was no problem at all. i loved it!

i give you an A for effort this week and congrats on the lower cholesterol. way to go!

Carolina Mama said...

Good work - keep going. :)

The Sullivan Sitcom said...

Great job with the workouts...don't you just feel so much better when you're done!

Wow! Dropping your cholesterol 40 points! If nothing else happens on this Fit Friday should be trilled with that. That is AWESOME! It's not always about looking great (you already do) it's also about being healthy and being around a good long time for those kiddos!
Great job!

Life In Progress said...

40 POINTS??? That is amazing! You should be very proud.

I also agree that it takes a few days for my indulgences to catch up my scale. So irritating.

Good luck this week & Happy Thanksgiving!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

I am beyond excited that your cholesterol has come down that much. Amazing! This stuff really does work, doesn't it?!? Mine was a little elevated, too, last time I went in, so I am looking forward to having it drawn again maybe next spring to see where I'm at.

Way to go, Kerry!

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Dang girl! 40 points!! I think you deserve a pair of $40 shoes to celebrate. Head to Tarjay Boutique...

The Zeller Family said...

Your post motivates me to get back to the gym! Congrats on finding the energy with 2 little ones to chase after!!

bekahcubed said...

Does your new/old gym offer circuit training? That's a great way to deal with adjusting the machines--and get cardio and weights in together. You go in once to set up your program--the staff figures out what all your settings are on this visit. Then each time you go back, they run around in front of you adjusting the machines to fit. (Hah. Says the girl who only exercises when she can do it OUTSIDE--I sure have a lot of useless gym knowledge.)

Anyway, congratulations on your cholesterol. That is absolutely fantastic!

Wilson Family said...

Aww... I am honored to have been mentioned in your blog. I just felt a little bad, because i hope I didn't sound negative when I said that about it not catching you until this week. Just call me Donna-Downer!LOL
I am so excited for you that your colesterol is down. I really don't know much about that, but 40 sounds like a lot... being almost a quarter of your old number!
Anyway, keep up the good work at the gym. Maybe you can motivate me, because I have been doing AWFUL lately. Eating everything, and not doing ANY exersizing. Get me going!

Becoming Me said...

That is awesome news about your col. dropping!! I've been trying to get fit by the new is it tough. Hope you have a great week. Angela

Dots said...

WoW...40 points! Great going and good luck!

Carolina Mama said...

Wow, Congratulations on that cholestoral! And on letting go of the artificial sweetners. Keep me posted. I know that's a good thing but I will do one thing at at time. :)

Gwendolyn said...

I am impressed by people that go to the gym. Just the thought of it overwhelms me. Maybe if I could walk up my stairs without getting winded, I would be more brave. :o)

Phillips Phamily Mama said...

Hilarious about the gym "hefties"! That picture of Mrs. Claus made me smile, too.

You have probably gained muscle which would explain why you were disappointed at the scale. At least that's what I tell myself!

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