Monday, May 19, 2008

I think I have my boy...

we named him Lily.

We've always thought it'd be so fun to have a boy. In fact Jerry wants two of them. I am nervous to try for number 3 and then have to try for number 4, 5 and so on until we get those boys...and end up like the old lady in the shoe...only full of girls! So I am secretly hoping for twin boys on try number 3, if we even take that plunge. I think I just heard the thud of my mother falling off her chair.

Anyway, the pressure is off. I think we already have a boy. Lily is filling his shoes nicely.

Like today when she had a couple of friends over to play. They were all dolled up cute and sweet and Lily was just...well...all BOY. Playing rough, being bossy...totally threw a fit about me even running a comb through her hair. We played outside and when I ran in to get some snacks and drinks for them I peeked out the window and saw her swinging crazily from the swings in ways I'm sure weren't approved by our play system's manufacturer. Oh Lord, I thought.

But I continued making the snacks because it didn't seem as if the two sweet princesses were in any danger. So I gathered the bowls of raisins and gold fish, along with lemonades, and headed out the back door. Suddenly my bare foot landed on something cold and wet...surely this cute pink outfit that was sopping wet and laying on the ground didn't come off of my daughter!

Sure enough, I see a white flash which is my naked Lily scaling the climbing wall.

Apparently she had gotten the water hose, doused herself and Emma...while Mia had the good sense to run. I had grabbed the camera to get a picture of the trio earlier...I wasn't envisioning my child unclothed in the photo.

With today's high of 97 approaching, thankfully they dried quickly before their mothers learned of the incident. And I got Lily redressed before the doorbell rang.

I'm guessing this interest in water play stemmed from the taste she got of it at some fountains this weekend. We were enjoying the patio and some awesome weather this past Saturday at lunch.

There were kids playing in the fountains a few yards away, so Lily finished her meal and joined in the fun. At first she was just frolicking in and out...not getting soaked. She was so cute.
Next thing I know she is doing this.

Lily...I sure hope you aren't about to do what I think you are.

Oh, yep. She sure is.

Great. Sitting on the water. In her PULL-UP. Not a swimmer version mind you. I try not to parade our potty training saga on the blog too often, but isn't that sort of a boy issue too?

The sag. Oh the sag. Not a Kodak moment.

The silver lining...I did have a change of clothes in the car (for potty reasons, not water reasons) and Nestle Toll House had a patio where she could drip dry until we made it back to the car.

What's the saying? Boys will be boys or girls will be girls...or in our house, girls will be boys.


Christina said...

we must have just missed you at the fountains. we were there at about 2. makenna got so wet and was in jeans i had to go childrens place to buy her a new dress. (of course we weren't going to go home for hours!)

Life In Progress said...

I think Lily would get along just great with my daughter Caroline. She is equal parts princess and tomboy! I think she is the reason my husband doesn't feel huge pressure for us to "try for a boy". Like you, some days, we sort of have one already!

Michelle said...

Sounds like good summer fun! Lily is definitely part princess too. She's the whole package!
PS-I am glad to hear other 3 year-old girls are running around unclothed ;-). I was getting a little worried.

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