Tuesday, May 27, 2008

An Unintentional Blogging Break

Y'all must have thought...wow, Kerry gets awakened by some birds early one morning and then falls off the face of the blogosphere. It wasn't an intentional break. We actually just made the 3-day weekend a 4-day one instead, so you'd think I would have had lots of computer time, but over the past few days I've barely been online at all.

Before you get all curious about what fun things we did for 4 days...it just wasn't that exciting. In fact, I'm sure I took less than 10 pictures the entire time.

Friday was dedicated as car maintenance day. Everything was due or overdue on both of them. Tags, inspections, oil changes...fun, oh fun. Now we get to add to that list: put bumper back on car. As Jerry and Lily were playing computer games, our car was going through the wash behind them. Isn't the place that can inspect, change oil, and then give you a free wash a good deal? Jerry turned around as he heard the loud thud and saw our car's bumper dragging behind it through the viewing windows.

I think I've mentioned before that we really aren't into cars. Pretty much if they crank and go, that's good enough for us. To me, not having car payments is so much more exciting than a shiny new car. However, I do like to drive around with my bumper intact. Negotiations are in progress. Maybe not a good deal after all.

The rest of the time went like this: housework, laundry, shop for birthday/grad gifts, attend a party for dear friend who finished his masters & and his daughter who turned two, drive to E. Texas, attend b'day party for Jerry's Memmy who turned 96, drive home from E. Texas while Jade cried for for 91 of the 118 minutes, shop for impromptu cookout we had today, cookout with family, clean up yard, clean up kids, clean up house, put children in dark rooms and pray they go to sleep quickly for a very long time.

Whew! It is one of those times that the coming week is looking more restful than the weekend has been.

Although I'm sure you'd rather see a picture of our bumperless car, here are a few pics of the cousins playing in the water. This sprinkler ball combo thingy was a hit.

I caught these two before Jade decided she didn't like the idea of a cold bath in the backyard. The fun went south with a little kick in the face from big sister. At that point we couldn't tell if she was red from the kick, the crying, or a sudden sunburn.

The definite highlight of the day was running around with my dad, hubby and sis pegging each other with water balloons. I think the girls enjoyed it too. Then, Kelly and my Dad came out with water guns for each of us. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. I carried Jade thinking they would go easy on me...totally forgetting that my family is relentless and loves to laugh at other people's pain. I would try to hide behind Jade and they would just continue firing away.

And she just giggled through every minute of it. It's good to know early on that she has inherited that gene...laugh now sweetheart...payback is coming.


Christina said...

hi! i haven't seen you in forever!! we just got makenna that sprinkler ball last week! lily looks like she is having more fun then makenna. she was confused by it. you can get just about anything on the airplane these days. i always have scissors!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Fun weekend! I wondered why you hadn't posted anything in awhile! :)

Michelle said...

What fun! and cute pics!

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