Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This one's for the birds

Birdies. I really love you. And even the sweet chirping you do too.

NOT at 5 AM though. Not at 5 AM right outside my window. Not at 5 AM on a morning that I really didn't need to be up at 5 AM.

Short of cutting down some pretty great trees, I'm not sure how to give you the hint. And those trees are shade bearing, so not a chance. Nope. Being shaded from the Texas heat outweighs your morning serenade. Even if it is way too early for a serenade.

Maybe you could fly east for a while? I know a home where you could have a great nest. In fact it might just make Heather's day after their recent bird adventure. Watch out for the cat though.


whittakerwoman said...

We even have a empty nest! :) H

Chelle' said...

How sad am I that your precious creatures are keeping you from rest in the morning.

I, like you, am not a fan of ANYTHING, (including my own children) if it interupts my sleep time. :0)

Sweet dreams my friend.

Rachel said...

ah...thanks for stopping by my little 'ole blog, I love meeting new "friends". your post was hilarious!

My2Gs said...

This post reminds me of a funny moment in college. My dorm room was on the bottom floor and we had a bush right outside out window. The bush was apparently the home to many little birdies! Once morning my roommate had had enough and sat straight up in bed and yelled "SHUT UP!" :)

Rachelle said...

Last year we had baby birds born in our window air unit in the bedroom!!!! Every morning the birds would chirp and chirp until the momma bird came with fresh worms...just as the sun came up!!!!

Life In Progress said...

We used to have some birds that would peck at our big front window at ungodly hours of the morning. We bought some reflective streamers (made to repel birds), put them around that area, and they went away.

I am NOT an early morning type of girl, and I had some very un-ladylike words for those birds every time they woke me up!

Alana said...

any noise at 5am is just WRONG.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your comment! Nice to meet you!

Carl said...

If you have a net....or a gun...those things could fix the problem too :-)

Sean said...

A shotgun will take care of this.

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