Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Weekend in Pictures

I realize I'm a little late to be doing a weekend post, but our weekend just ended last night since Jerry took Monday off.

Here's a slide show of the highlights.

It started out with KidFish..where our town stocked one of the park's ponds with 1000 catfish for the kids to catch. I was a little alarmed when reading online about what kind of bait to use (am I hip mom or what? don't answer that) to learn that their barbs are sharp enough to cut right through your hand. Word has it that in previous years they stocked it with trout, but all the uncaught ones (I'm guessing 990) died in Texas heat. Yuck! So they brought on the barb bearing catfish. We didn't need to worry though. Who wants to F-I-S-H, when there is a P-L-A-Y-G-R-O-U-N-D within sight? Not Lily.

We met up with my sis and niece for lunch at Snuffers, along with my dad who had come out for KidFish. Not the best Snuffer's experience...and I usually rave about it. They must have misheard Kelly's order for extra well done meat...because it was so red you could still hear it mooing.

We spent the afternoon hanging with Jerry's family. They came out to celebrate the twins birthday...Jerry's mom and uncle turned 61! Oh how I hope to have twins next go round...twin boys! Am I crazy? They run on my mom's side of the family too...so we'll see. Anyway, we took them to Patrizio's...much better! Several prom goers were there as well, so Lily was in high heaven dining with so many "princesses". One in particular was wearing a bright yellow gown, so Lily called her Belle.

Sunday we stepped back in time at the Scarborough Renaissance Festival. It was a lot of fun. To Jerry's dismay, Lily could have cared less about the jousting, but was more into the man powered rides and costumes. She finished the day with a fun face painting of Shamu...not really sure how that correlates with the event.

At that point, we weren't far from my mom's, so we headed over there for a quick visit. Lily was elated when my mom surprised her with two containers of tadpoles in various stages. So we have a new science project going on here. 22 lived and 4 have died. We most recently learned that they eat their own. That wasn't part of my lesson plan. Guess I don't need to worry about getting any fish food. I won't be sleeping well though until I find a cover for their little aquarium!

Want to join us on our tadpole adventure? Check out your local creek or you can even order them online.


Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Fun weekend! And twins...wow....I would love to have twins, too...I think. :) My good friend just had twin girls,which makes a total of 5 kids for her, so I know she has her hands full. But they are so darn cute!

Rachelle said...

You know the you little project with Lily can continue after your tadpoles turn into frogs.....My mom told me when I was growing up that you have to kiss a bunch of frogs before you find your prince!!!!
If any of those tadpoles make it out alive...I dub him Prince Charming....

Rachelle said...

Did I sound drunk on that last comment or what???....I guess it was 5:49am.....Can't expect much that early.....

Christina said...

haha! i didn't think about someone thinking that! that is too funny. i love how your family gets out and does really awesome stuff on the weekends!

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