Friday, April 25, 2008

Women of Faith and Chippendales?

Remember when I was headed to the Women of Faith conference last week and I got on that puddle jumper? I was one of the last people on the plane, probably because I was just so excited about those propellers! Anyway, when I got to my seat, the lady sitting next to me struck up a conversation. Something about sorry if she stunk...had been traveling over 30 hours...just getting in from Japan...etc. Thankfully she didn't stink because on that jumbo plane it might have actually bothered me.

Back to our conversation. She then asked me what I'd be doing in Spokane. When I told her I'd be attending the Women of Faith conference, her demeanor, tone and language totally changed. Something about me being a Christian obviously bothered her. She started out with, "NO Sh*t! A Christian conference in Spokane? What is it, some sort of mega church"? The cuss words kept flowing and I now had another reason to be glad it was a short flight! I explained to her that it wasn't a mega church, just a group of women speakers who travel the country doing these conferences. She seemed so surprised that this would be going on in Spokane, and since I hadn't ever been there, I didn't really know what to think. Next she was asking me where it would be taking place. I guessed that it would be at a convention center, and thinking that Spokane was smaller than it really is, I didn't imagine there would be any other place that it could be held. She told me that yes there was a convention center and although completely baffled by the whole idea she thankfully fell asleep.

Upon arriving to Spokane I immediately realized it was a much bigger city than I had previously thought. I started telling my friend who lives there about the conversation I had on the plane. Come to find out that our conference wasn't being held at the convention center, but at the Spokane Arena. No big deal. Until later I found out that there was a different women's conference of another sort going on in Spokane that same weekend...and it WAS at the convention center. The one at the convention center was rumored to have the Chippendale dancers performing. I can't even imagine what the lady on the plane was thinking about her little Christian seat mate now! I mean what are the odds of two women's conferences of such different types going on in Spokane the same weekend! I doubt should could have missed the other women's event since it was advertised on billboards all over town. However, I didn't see even one sign for Women of Faith!

So, we did not see the Chippendale dancers at our conference. Promise. But we did get to see Anita Renfroe do her Mommy version of William Tell Overture LIVE...and it was the best.

We also enjoyed a lot of Nicole C. Mullen. She was great!

Nope, I'm not leaving you with any Chippendale videos!


Matt said...

What are the odds of that happening?! That mommy thing was hilarious :) I'm glad you had a great time at the REAL Women's Conference!

Rachelle said...

Hmmmm....Now, who was it that suggested that maybe we had tickets for the wrong conference???? HA, HA! I can't even imagine what would have happened if a bunch of men came out.....I imaging comments like..

Bonnie: "Oh Dear"...
Kerry: "Ahh...What kind of conference is this??? This is not what I signed up for! I want my money back"!
Michelle: "Oh no, I think I'm gonna be sick"..
Rachelle: "What ever you do, DON"T LOOK DOWN"!

Martha Cox said...

That's hilarious... you know that WOF had the Australian Thunder from Down Under Dancers... get with it!

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