Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What's a girl to do?

I think Lily will be in shock this weekend when she realizes there isn't a birthday party for her to go to. No dressing up to play with friends at the royal ball, Going Bonkers, the backyard bounce house, or even the park. I'm just excited that she was able to make it to all 4 parties over the past two weekends. Not one conflicted...isn't that amazing? Not the case last year.

I am proud of Lily though. With having so many parties so close together, she finally realized that not every party is for her. She started saying things like: Emma is the birthday girl today...my party will be later...I'm not going to blow the candles out on her cake...I'm going to tell her happy birthday. It was really sweet.

Here are some pix of the birthday quadfest. You'll see that even Jerry and Jade came to a couple of them!

Anyways, I'm sure we won't see an invitation for months now. I knew June was a popular time for weddings, so I guess it makes sense that it is a popular time for conception as well!


Michelle said...

You guys have been busy! Thanks for coming to Sweet Pea's party. It was so great to have Cinderella here! We did miss Jade and Jerry, though :-)!

Rachelle said...

Love all the little Cinderella Dress up garb....very fun!...I am now off to put on my very boring work garb....wonder what they would do if I showed up as Cinderella for the day???? It just sounds like much more fun! I am guessing a trip to the looney bin would be in order....ahhh, to be under 5 for the day....

McKenzie said...

Wow...I'm impressed...4 parties in 2 weeks! You must have been one busy momma :)

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