Sunday, April 6, 2008

9 Months!

Happy 9 Months, Jade! We thought you'd be crawling by now, but we've yet to see you get that belly of yours off the floor! You have mastered doing 360s on your tummy though. So nothing new to report. In honor of this occasion though, I had your daddy teach me how to upload video! So here are three old clips...all shot around 7 months I think. I'm sure they are too long and too boring for more than a handful of people to tolerate, but I love them, so here they are. Warning: You are about to hear Kerry speak her in her high-pitch baby talk voice. Multiple times. Embarrassing, I know. But, like I said, I'm sure only a handful of people will watch them anyway. Those handful of people have heard this "voice" in person. THAT is embarrassing.

This first one makes me giggle because I totally scared Jade and didn't mean to. It also amazes me that it took her 7 or 8 months to notice the crib toy that has been there since day 1. Precious.

Jade must be part boy. Or she realizes that I was sure she was a boy until the sono proved me wrong. She is all about balls. Loves them. The "ball in dish" activity came from this book. It is very dated as you can see by the cover, but it has some good weekly activities you can do with your children from birth to five years. Anyway, don't you love how her body tremors with excitement?

More fascination with balls. We were shocked at how fast she'd grab this inflatable globe when we rolled it to her.

I can't believe I faked her out once to see her flinch. Jerry pointed out how mean that was.

There was a part on the middle video that I left out where I had put the ball under the glass plate, just to see what she would do. She tried to reach through the plate to get it a couple of times. Jerry thought I was tantalizing her! I'd like to think I was challenging her.

Mean mommy. Bad mommy. Mommy still laughing.


Christina said...

great videos!!! sorry to miss you at kids castle!

Rachelle said...

So cute!

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