Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I Feel Like a New Woman

I'm back from Spokane where I enjoyed the Women of Faith conference and the company of 3 of my oldest (in terms of how long we've known each other, not their age!) friends.

And this is how I'm feeling. My...
...mood relaxed.
...spirit rejuvenated.
...patience restored.
...joy renewed.
...faith increased.
...attitude improved.
...energy recharged.
...countenance lighter.
...heart full.
...eyes cried out.
...gut laughed out.
...lungs prayed out.
...walk challenged.
...friendships strengthened.

I came home to three special people...

...my beloved awaiting.
...my preschooler beaming.

...my baby probably wondering who I was!!

Jerry had the girls freshly scrubbed and in matching dresses. The diaper bag packed and a nice restaurant chosen. And eventually I walked into a very tidy house. What an awesome homecoming.

I felt...


...OVERWHELMED with thanksgiving to be called wife by him and mommy by them.

It has been so long since I have felt all of these emotions at once. I'm even feeling excited about tackling things like laundry and dishes. Jerry will probably be looking to send me away again soon! I'm keeping my calendar open for girl weekend getaways.

I also came home completely EXHAUSTED! You can't have a 3 night slumber party with your best friends and come home RESTED! Regardless of that...Bonnie, Michelle, and Rachelle...what do you say, repeat in 2010? Anyone else had a fun girl's weekend lately?


Heidi Day said...

Welcome back! I enjoyed reading about your wonderful trip. My 'girls trip' includes approximately 500 Kindermusik teachers from around the world and I can't wait to go Nov. 5-9th in Raleigh in a few months!

Rachelle said...

Count me in for 2010! I came home feeling better to! I had the afternoon off yesterday and cleaned the house! I even folded laundry!!!! I miss you girls already...thanks for being my friend as I walk through this life full of ups and downs...love you =) Rachelle

The Cunningham Family said...

how fun! i'm a bit jealous... ;) i was supposed to go to a retreat this weekend - but ended up sick right before i was supposed to leave :( i was soooo looking forward to being refreshed & rested! oh well..... y'all look great by the way! just like you did at DHS!!

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