Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Washington, Here We Come!

Washington state that is. Spokane to be exact. Who is "we"? Just 3 of my favorite friends ever! We've been talking about this for I'm thinking 10 years now. A girls trip. Finally the talk is over, the tickets purchased, and hotel is booked! It would have been easier a few years back. I have to add to that list: babysitters arranged!

Rachelle, Michelle and I are flying to meet up with Bonnie who now lives in Spokane. We'll be attending the Women of Faith Conference there this weekend and enjoying some long overdue girl time! I've known these girls...shudder...EIGHTEEN years! Uncontrollable shudder! So you can imagine all the things we've experienced together over all those years, from junior high until now!

I am so thankful for these friends, how they spur me on in the Lord, how they make me laugh, make me cry, how they've prayed for me, how they know me way too well...and still keep me around! It is sad how far spread out we are all over the country. We are bound in our faith in the Lord though, and I think it is because of that common bond that we can always pick up just like we saw each other yesterday. We've seen each other many times since spreading out, but if I'm not mistaken it has been almost 9 years since all four of us were together under the same roof at one wedding in 1999. Much less in a hotel room for 3 consecutive of jobs, hubbies, kiddos, and any other form of responsibility! I can't wait to hug their necks and hear the laughter!

Rachelle and Michelle are also bloggy friends and they each posted a while back about our upcoming and stuff!

Now for your viewing pleasure...ahem...viewing laughter...a little bit of back then! I can assure you we won't be building any pyramids.

Praise God for my awesome hubby and in-laws who are taking over the home front for the next few days. I will miss them dearly, but take comfort that they are in such good hands!
NOTE to Jade: DO NOT start crawling before mommy gets back!
NOTE to Lily: You ARE more than welcome to poop on the potty while I'm gone. I will feel the excitement all the way on the West coast!

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Rachelle said...

See ya for lunch tomorrow! Feels so good to say that! Wish we were closer so that could feel a little more normal....Can't wait!

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