Friday, April 11, 2008

Lily lucks out and Jerry still takes the day off...

So, yesterday we arose with the chickens, got ready and got the girls ready, and left the house by 7 AM. That is a feat! Where were we headed so bright and early on a weekday morning? Lily had her pediatric GI following up appt at 7:45 across town. When I booked the appt, they had first offered me the 7:20 slot, to which I replied...PM? So I opted for 7:45 figuring that 25 minutes could mean life or death at that time of day.

We were on the road when my cell phone rang with an unknown number. I was excited to see who else was up with the roosters, so I answered. It was the nurse from the GI office informing us that our appt had been cancelled. There had been bad storms the night before and they had no power. She was calling from her personal cell phone! They had roof damage too, so we weren't able to reschedule until May when repairs would hopefully be completed. So, Lily was off the hook. Yet, another month of poopy pull-ups will go down in Gibson history.

Jerry had taken the day off work in honor of said cancelled appointment, so now what do we do? We drove around the neighborhood a bit while Jerry decided if he was going in to work or not. There was a lot of storm damage. We couldn't believe how many huge trees had split in two on our very own street. We walked down to the local creek bridge to show the girls the rushing water. Something about all the cars passing us while standing on the bridge was enjoyable. They were mostly on their way to work, and Jerry didn't have to be, so he decided to still take the day off.

We decided to take the girl's to the children's museum downtown. Jade and I enjoyed the zero to two room, while Jerry chaperoned Lily among the farm, water, and backyard scenes. She had a ton of fun playing dress up and then parading in front of the wacky fun-house type mirrors.

Afterwards we enjoyed the beautiful weather on the fair grounds. Jerry and Lily even took a ride on the paddle boat swans. Lily eventually got bored...guess Jerry wasn't peddling quite up to her standard of speed! It was when Jade and I were accompanied by a homeless man that we decided to hike out of there. I chatted with him for a while, but when he asked for money I got uncomfortable. I'm sure I would have been a better witness if I hadn't have had my 9 month old on my lap. It's not like Jerry could have been of much help way out in the lagoon!

We avoided rush hour traffic by hanging out at our favorite Thai restaurant in the whole wide world! Chan Thai...too bad they don't have a website or I could give them more kudos. Love that place!

I might consider waking with the crowing kind more regularly if I knew the day would always turn out this great!

***question*** why isn't "poopy" or "poopie" in spell check? am i the lone person that writes on the subject?


Rachelle said...

I love when you get suprised by a fun day!

Rachelle said...

Thanks so much for the Lizzie the Leopard Outfit! She will look so cute in it!!! Hope ya'll are having a great weekend! See ya Thursday!

Michelle said...

Sounds like you guys had a wonderful day! Way to take advantage of the opportunity!

McKenzie said...

What a fun family day?! I love it! I bet Lily thoroughly enjoyed it - that sure beats visiting the GI doc!

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