Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Okay, so now what?

It was Sunday afternoon, Jerry had Lily, and I had Jade asleep and was trying to do the same. Naps are rare, but I had actually drifted off...when "ding-dong" goes the doorbell...one of those loud ones where you could tell the person held their finger on the doorbell longer than necessary! It caused the doorbell cover to come off and tumble down the stairs, so needless to say...I was now awake! I laid there thinking it was probably just one of the little neighborhood girls coming to see if Lily could play...and decided to ignore it. After all, Jade had slept through the commotion thus far, so I should too. Then comes a "Bang, Bang, Bang!" at the door, I sat up knowing this was too forceful for any of the 3 year olds I knew, and decided to see who was unknowingly, yet rudely, disturbing my nap! I peek out the door and see no one, but a red truck parked at the curb. I open the door and something falls to the ground. I pick it up and am immediately thankful! It is a driver's license, and I am thinking one of us losers must have left our driver's license somewhere and this kind soul is delivering it back to our house! But then I look closer and realize it isn't either of ours. I see the address is ours, and the name is familiar...I recognized it as the previous owner's ex-wife. By now the truck is driving off and I am running down the sidewalk trying to flag the driver down...to let him know that this lady hasn't lived here in a couple of years! Well, no luck...I guess he didn't see me!

So now what? How do I return this license to someone who obviously hasn't updated their address in two years? I find that so annoying because having moved, oh, let's see, 7 times just since 1999, I've got the address change thing down, and it just really isn't that hard!! I am further annoyed that we keep getting mail for her ex-hubby and 2 daughters also. One of her daughters must be in some sort of trouble with the driving authority because we keep getting letters from TX Dept of Public Safety with her name on it. They come in pretty thin non-privacy type envelopes, so I must confess that I held the most recent one up to the light and learned that her driver's license is being revoked. We just put return to sender on them and hope they don't come knocking at our door looking for her one day!! I can just see myself explaining that to the neighbors!

I thought this same daughter must have been in love with the mail because she has etched into the mailbox '____ was here'....so nice....even nicer that someone else with etching skills must have come behind her and added '____ sucks'....I just love seeing that every time I go to check the mail. Thank God it is across the street at a little community box and not right on my front porch! One day the mailman actually stopped me and thanked me for picking up our mail so regularly...apparently they would go days on end without picking it up!!! Not true for me, as a stay at home mom, getting the mail is one of the highlights of my day! Jerry loves getting it too...he always asks when he walks in if I've gotten the mail...and on the rare occasion that I answer no, he is quickly back out the door to check it. You'd think we had some rich uncle lying on his deathbed somewhere.

Back to my problem. How do I return this driver's license? I can't find a phone number or address listed anywhere for this chic! I guess I'll start asking the neighbors if any of them keep up with her! Or maybe I could try to contact the realtor that listed the house...although that was her ex-hubby's agent. Who knows, all I know is that it feels weird holding someone else's ID. Just plain weird! Maybe its because we've both been victims of identity theft.......but that's a whole other blog post!!

Oh, and just to humor me...and to eleviate one of my biggest pet peeves, if you've recently (or even not so recently) moved and need to change your address...just click here...where you can do it right online!!


P & R said...

I would not try to return it. This will force her to get a new one...she must live near you to have lost it near you...78 more days until our trip! Can't wait! WOF here we come! Love ya! - Rachelle

Tricia Hoffmann said...

We are pathetic...I absoloutely love getting mail too! I used to put a sign on our door-Do Not Disturb-Baby Sleeping. You might want to consider that, but that probably wouldn't matter for these people. Good luck with that!

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