Thursday, February 28, 2008

Taking Advantage of the Awesome Weather--Zoo Style!

I have to be careful how far in advance I tell Lily of any planned zoo trip, it is her favorite place on earth, and I need to time out how many times I want to be asked of our exact departure.

But, as I was zipping up her coat over the weekend...I said something like zip, zip, zip...zipper starts with 'z'...which automatically started her on other 'z' words. Mama, zebra too! Yes, you're right Lily, and where do zebras live? The ZOO...she shouts! Well, I realize not all zebras live at zoos, but the only ones we know do and it helped the theme of our 'z' talk! So I thought I'd go ahead and let the cat out of the bag and tell her of our upcoming zoo trip. Immediately the questions start and the excitement builds.

Her: Today? Are we going today? Me: No, not til Monday.
Her: After my nap? Me: No. Not til tomorrow morning.
Her: Are we going tonight? Me: No, it's dark and the animals are sleeping.
As soon as she wakes up Monday morning...Her: Are the animals awake now? It is light outside! Me: Yes, they are awake! Let's get ready to go!

How many tries does it take to get a good pic of my girls at the zoo? I'm not sure...I quit after 6 attempts.

We met our other zoo loving friends, Amy and Sophie, there! Boy how Sophie had changed since our last zoo trip...I'm loving her long hair...maybe a little remorse that we just cut 4 inches off Lily's locks. Anyway, another thing that is new about Sophie is she is quite the talker now. Lily loved that about her! And I loved the fact that Lily had someone else to talk to for a couple of hours so Amy and I could catch up! Well, as much as we could while chasing two preschoolers!

I thought I'd attempt some more sibling shots on the fun train ride. In this photo I had asked Lily to hug Jade...she decided to put her in a headlock instead!
Thankfully she recovered. Still no luck though. While one smiles and looks right at you, the other looks away. At least I got some cute pics of our friends!

Oh and let's not forget the animals. I liked this rhino.
The girls favorite was the white tiger.

Lily is thirsty and ready to go here.

We had to visit her favorite "mingos" before leaving though.

Then when asked if she was ready to go...this is the look I got accompanied by a loud "NO"!

So how does a mom get a tired, thirsty, cranky child to leave her beloved zoo? I'm thinking of the letter "m"... MCDONALDS! And off we went...without even one argument!


Tricia Hoffmann said...

Cute cute cute! I got so frustrated at being three seconds behind the smiley picture and poses that we broke down and bought a Canon Rebel. It's a bit pricey at $425 but when you are talking about priceless memories like Disney World, it's worth it!

Erickson 5 said...

I have used the "M" word myself before! I always say "the hardest part about going to the zoo (or any fun place) is leaving"!

Cute family.


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