Wednesday, February 6, 2008


My dear friend Rachelle and her husband have been waiting. Waiting for a long time actually. And they wait not knowing when the end to all of this waiting will come. They are waiting on their precious daughter, Lizzie Rose, to come home from China. They spent months and months doing all of the adoption paperwork and got it all logged in officially in November of 2006. At that point the wait for little Lizzie was estimated at 1 year. Well, the wait has increased and continues to increase. Why am I blogging about this? Because seeing them go through this process has encouraged me. Rachelle and Phil go through it with great faith. Great faith and even humor! Last fall they had a "12 Months Down to China Town" party to celebrate the anniversary of their log in date! Only Rachelle could have come up with that idea!!! So fun! If I read her latest blog entry correctly, I think their wait could extend to nearly 4 years! I don't know how she does it! By the grace of the Lord...only by the grace of the Lord. Hang in there dear will be blessed by some amazing parents when you FINALLY get here!

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P & R said...

Thanks old friend! =) Rachelle

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