Sunday, October 11, 2009

Piglet and Pink Princess Preview

Pink. That is one thing that my girls will agree on if there are two or fight over if there is only one.

Lily wanted to be a generic pink princess for Halloween. The costume she picked out was $40 in a magazine. Yeah right. I was so not going to spend that on something she'd wear once or twice.

Jade didn't have any idea what she wanted to be. Let's face it, Halloween 2007 she was a 4 month old obligatory pumpkin, and then on the actual day of Halloween 2008, she had her ear tube/adenoid she really doesn't have any good Halloween memories yet. Last year the color was yellow (Belle and a duck) , so the least I could do was let the girl be pink!

We strolled the aisles of Once Upon a Child and Lily found the costume from the magazine (not really, but she thought it was) and it was a whopping $6.50. Jade came across Piglet and nearly jumped out of her skin wanting to put it on. No nudging from us. The whole store heard and felt her excitement. Piglet cost us $8.50. I 've still got to find some accessories, but I figure since I've only spent $15 on the costumes that there is room in the budget for those.

They've been playing dress up in them alot lately, though they have to stay upstairs, away from the kittens' claws. I snapped this to give you a little preview of the pink princess and the piglet. Man I love these girls.

Now mommy and daddy have to figure out a costume idea for a couples dress up party that we are going to. Jerry and I have completely different thoughts on this sort of thing...completely different. He said something about dressing up as a current event. Huh? Blank stare. Eye roll.

Any ideas for us?


Lora said...

This is the current topic of discussion at our house:) My husband loves to create the kiddos' outfits--if they can only decide what they want to be! He loves to dress up. I do, too, if I don't have to put much thought into it...I'm always too busy with all the other details!

Rachelle said...

A current event? I dare you to go as Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize. That could be interesting... Sure that could get some good conversations going!

The girls look adorable!

Laura said...

Love, love the pink costumes! Those two couldn't be any cuter!

As for your comfort food, why wasn't I invited? But then again, I sure wouldn't want the swine flu. I can put away some fried okra!!

Jane Anne said...

Oh, they are so sweet! You got great deals. That makes the costume fun even better. I still have to figure out what my little girl is going to be.

Michelle said...

Your girls are ADORABLE! Great costumes!

And Rachelle's idea was great! That would be pretty funny. We are trying to find costumes for our kiddos and I am with you - I am not paying a lot for a costume they will only wear a few times!

Melissa said...

I hate spending the $ on Halloween costumes!! I'm trying to smile though, you know, for those tiny people. Good mommy. :)

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