Friday, April 17, 2009

Rainy Day Fun

This morning was a rare one. Rare in the fact that we didn't have preschool, swim lessons, Bible-study, a play-date or some other activity to run off to. Of course we could have ran off to the gym, but, know. It was raining, so I was happy to just sit and much as is possible with two little ones of course.

But even before breakfast Lily approached me with her paint box in little girl had a plan. I tried to put it off until Jade was napping, but barely managed to put it off until after breakfast. Letting me get away with just some water colors or possibly some pre-printed "paint with water" type books (where can those be found anymore?), was not in her plans. No, instead she was already mixing colors with the washable tempera paints before my coffee even had a chance to get cold.

Why not throw in some finger paints while we're at it...oh boy!

My only goal in painting with them is for the actual painting time to last as long as the set up and clean up...nothing like making a huge mess for just five minutes of fun. They did great today.

Ready to paint...a first for Jade.

I can't believe I tried to put it off as usual as a "mommy and Lily" activity during her nap. Jade enjoyed it so much and was very neat about it. I put some paint on the stamps and she very gingerly and slowly put them on and lifted them straight back up. I couldn't believe it. Whose kid is this?

This was her free paint...

Then Lily made her hand print with the finger paints. I love capturing the size of their hands like this and even did it recently with Lily's feet I just assumed Jade would think this was a fun idea. NOT the case. Oh the shrill screams of torture as I wet her hand with the paint. She did not want to get dirty. Again, whose kid is this?

But, as you can see, I continued with the torture so I could record the size of her chubby 21 month old hands next to those of her sister.

Lily made quite a few creations on her own...the last of which you see here.

I am sure it doesn't need any explanation, ahem, but just for the record, she described it to me as a lizard with nine legs and a tail...and then she promptly added three eyes when I asked where it's head was. Which all seemed kind of scary to me until she asked if I noticed the bus he was sitting on.

Great. At least it isn't some sort of creature she's seen in the house recently. We have some strange geckos living in these parts. But nine legs and three eyes...that might just send me over the edge.


Raggedy Girl said...

How sweet they look and where do you get one of the "neat girl" ones?

Roberta Anne, the Raggedy Girl

Ann said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog!! I love getting's so fun to see who is reading me!!
Yes, I'm guessing we are in the same area...we had a rainy day too. I can't say I took advantage of the day though. We just hung out at home and I did laundry, vacumned, did dishes twice, you get the point. My little guy tried not to be bored, mostly unsuccessfully!!

Anonymous said...

I loved the art work. They are both very talented. Sure don't get it from this Gramma. Proud that you took the time for such a big project.

Rachelle said...

Fun Stuff!

Wilson Family said...

So precious! I can't believe Jade did so well with the paintbrush and stamps. Thats pretty amazing. Nothing about Jade... just her age.
Hey, do you want to get together at the gym sometime soon. I went today and actually had a good workout. I really need to get back into a routine... not just going for coffee:)

R said...

oh yes...we painted this week, too! it only made it to facebook, though. :0)

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Don't you feel like such a good mommy when you let them paint?? I do. Major good mommy points.

Altho I usually only let them do it on Thus, because the maid comes on Friday. ;)

Hey, just got back from our women's retreat and Kay Gabrysch was our speaker - she was fantastic. I got to sit and chit chat with her for a long time. Do you go to her bible study?


Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Don't you love seeing how completely different they are in their personalities? Jade sounds like a little Savannah - she gets SO bugged when she gets dirty. Cracks me up.

That is some mighty fine artwork!

Jamie said...

What a fun day!

Jenn @ A Country Girl's Ramblings said...

There's nothing like a good morning of painting! My children love to do it too!

jennifer said...

ooooh geckos?!?!

i tagged you, fyi... cause i like you!

jennifer said...

my favorite was Joey. 'Cause he was the youngest. And I thought I might actually have a shot with him. totally realistic.

Anonymous said...

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