Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Old friends are best because...

...you can trust them on their Starbucks recommendation and actually like it...first Chai Latte ever...yummy!

...you don't just know them, but their whole family as well...and you can feel really old when their little brother grows up and gets married!

...you have so much to talk to them about that the conversations don't end til 2AM and then just start back up again at 7AM...I am still tired!

...you can scream out loud and even grab onto them in a scary movie and it isn't embarrassing...TAKEN...go see it!

...you can joke about missing a good night kiss and it is actually funny...parents waiting up for us when we got in...great to feel thirteen again!

I had the joy of getting to hug Rachelle's neck this weekend when she came to OK City for a few days. She is such a dear friend, so I jumped at the chance to see her when she was just a three hour drive away...beats trying to make it to the east coast.

She was in town for a shower...twin boys from China are heading her way in the next few months. Head over to With One Step to see a few more pics from the shower and tell her CONGRATS! Quite an amazing story of God's faithfulness in their lives...and lots of trust and patience on their part...so exciting for them!

Love ya, Rachelle!


Rachelle said...

Thanks! ;)

Raggedy Girl said...

What a lovely post and what a wonderful thing about the babies.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday
from Roberta Anne--The Raggedy Girl

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Best friends are priceless! And I love that you all can just pick right up where you left off, even though it's been awhile since you've seen each other.

I have GOT to see Taken now...that sounds soooo good!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

How cool that you're real life friends...and I read both of you! ;)

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