Sunday, April 26, 2009

Coffee: Whole Bean vs. Ground

I have and addiction that I need to confess. I promise I am not a coffee snob. I do not care what brand of coffee it is, even the cheap stuff works for me, but my one request is that it is whole bean. I like it to grind it fresh right before it is brewed. There really is a difference, folks.

It all started when we were looking for the house we currently live in. Our old one had sold and the new one wasn't found just we moved in with my dad and Kim for nearly two months while we continued house hunting. Their house is where I grew accustomed to the whirling sound of the coffee grinder each morning...and where my addiction to fresh ground coffee...actually coffee in general was started.

When we found our house, they surprised us with an awesome Cuisinart Grind and Brew Coffee Maker as a housewarming gift. Hence, the addiction continued.

I buy a couple of bags of whole bean coffee at a time. Running out is not an option. I didn't realize though until this weekend that I need to give the bag a good squeeze before tossing it in cart. You know, just to make sure it actually is whole bean...

On Friday morning, I opened up a new bag and alas it was ground. What?!? I reread the label thinking for sure we had just picked up the wrong kind. Nope. It clearly stated whole bean. What!?!

Apparently someone opened it up and ground it in the store's grinder and then put it back on the shelf. Where it sat for who knows how long and not even in a vacuum sealed bag.

The nerve.

So, I ran to the pantry and checked all drawers and shelves hoping that indeed another bag of coffee would be found. And, as with any addiction I can imagine, I had gone through them faster than I had thought. No good coffee. Anywhere.

Deep breath.

I weighed my options. Get both the girls and myself out of our PJs to make a run through the Starbucks drive-thru, not bothering to get everyone dressed and still go through the drive-thru, or just brew the dern pot of coffee.

Laziness (and the thought of getting pulled over while in pajamas) prevailed and I hoped that an extra shot of sugar free Vanilla Caramel Coffeemate would do the trick.

What a waste of good creamer.

I'm not sure what is worse, opening and grinding coffee only to put it right back on the shelf, or making one pot from said bag and then returning it to the store.

Just beware if you are a HV Wal*Mart shopper...I am returning this dern bag of coffee. And although you better believe I'm going to tell them the whole story, I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up back on the shelf.

Give your next bag of beans a squeeze. That's all I'm sayin'.


Rachelle said...

You and Phil and your coffee! Shew...

Raggedy Girl said...

I hope it is okay that I was laughing while reading.

The Raggedy Girl- Roberta Anne

jennifer said...

oh. that IS a shame.

this momma loves her coffee too.
we're soul sistahs. i just know it.

Lisa said...

preach it sista! i'm all for the whole bean as well, and yes, there's definetly a difference in taste! i'm completely addicted to my morning coffee, and usually need it within 10 minutes of waking up to prevent an attack of the grouchies!

Michelle said...

My coffee (caffeine) addiction started after I had my second baby. But I haven't tried freshly ground yet. But, I am guessing I should :). And I was also wanting to try the Vanilla Caramel creamer, but I wasn't sure if I would like it. Now I have two new things to try! Thanks for the endorsements.

Growin' with it! said...

oh my word you sound like my hubster. he grinds those beans til he thinks every last one is crushed up. seriously runs that grinder TOO long! but i will say the coffee taste is worth his grinding!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Oh goodness...who does that? Why would anyone grind them and then just put them back???

I want to hear what they say when you take it back. :)

You almost have me wanting to try to grind my own now. Not that I drink coffee in the house...just the occasional Starbucks splurge. But, now it's sounding pretty tempting...

Jamie HIndman said...

Don't squeeze the Charmin just the beans.

Melissa :) said...

This is just nasty. This means you bought something that someone else had touched - maybe the beans themselves? I'm so glad you returned them - whether you used one 'pot' or not.

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