Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm guessing CPS doesn't read my blog...

otherwise I should be getting some sort of reprimand here shortly. As if my toddler's reprimand wasn't bad enough.

"Mommy! Buckle. No buckle."


"Hang on, Jade!" I dart across a busy intersection before pulling over to strap her in.

It's always good when your kids start they can remind you of your basic parental duties. After missing swim lessons earlier this week due to not being able to find my keys, and now this, I'm not very hopeful of any "mommy of the year" nominations. Geez.

My little cell phone camera comes in handy in these I can remind myself of what an idiot I am.

Speaking of is time for a new cell phone. I was shocked to learn that the photos on my phone are not saved on my SIM card. 204 photos without a home. It is driving me crazy. When I asked the tech savvy guy at the store how to get them off of there he muttered something about a data cable. Huh? Blank stare. It "could" have come with the phone? Sure, I know right where that is. Or he suggested that I e-mail them all to myself...yeah, right. On our plan, multi-media messages are $.35 a pop. I'm guessing Jerry isn't going to think that transferring these 204 pics is worth $70.

So what have I done? Nothing. I'm just stewing over it while my new "free" phone awaits me. And I keep taking more pictures of course.



Rachelle said...

The only advice I have for your phone: Phil has found many cords and stuff he needs on ebay - maybe you could find one there for your phone.

Good Luck!

Christina said...

that is interesting you did a post about this since i was thinking about doing a post about car seats and how people always put them in wrong. but when i pick makenna up from daycare in the neighbhorhood i just buckle the top and makenna is always finish the job. she knows i am being naughty too!

Raggedy Girl said...

By the time I get everyone strapped in I sometimes wonder if the trip is really necessary. Jade looks so sweet.

From Roberta Anne- The Raggedy Girl

Sara@i.Sass said...

The picture thing would drive me crazy too! Sometimes I miss the film, because you HAD to get them developed after 25, and add a new roll. Now my pictures sit in the computer or camera forever...but they are SUCH good pics, unlike waiting for the film to see what turned out.

Michelle said...

Sweet Pea has had to remind me to buckle her in a few times :(. I love that you took a picture! Hope you find a way to get all of those pictures off your cell phone! Maybe you could sign up for unlimited multimedia texts for a month, transfer the pics and then cancel it?

Marci @Finding Joy in the Journey said...

Ah yes, cell phones, don't get me started! The cord you need, it will turn up right after you give up and get rid of the phone! Actually many times data cords can be used for mulitiple devices if the little plug in part(technical, I know!) fits in. Good luck! Even though I never print anything, I would be crushed to lose that many pictures.

As for the carseat...I'm great at Finn's but Dax gets in on Finn's side and then I buckle him when I go to the driver's side. There have been a couple of mornings he's yelled as I'd buckled my own belt, "Mom!! Not buckled!!" Mom of the year here too!

Jennifer @ Taking My Time said...

If Luke didn't throw such a fit getting in his seat and us having to STUFF him in there, we would forget occasionally too. Because we forget to buckle Rachel at least once a week (she uses the seat belt with her booster) We'll be going down the road and she'll sing out, "You forgot to buckle meeeeee!" She's starting to manage buckling herself, so that helps :)

Melissa S. said...

Let me take a look at your phone! We might have a cable to fit. I wouldn't be surprised since we have a million! Let's get the kids together while we search. :)

Andrea said...

Hmmm...hope you figure out how to get those photos off for less than $70! Yikes! :) And IS nice when kids can remind about the things you forget...I get reminded by my 2 1/2 year old all the time. lol. :)

Southern Comfort said...

We all do things that make us feel like we are bad mother's, at least I do. I'm glad that she could actually tell you that she wasn't buckled. No harm done. You might ask another kid about the pictures on your phone. They usually know everything about using them and the computer.

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Have you ever discovered that your carseat was not latched and you had been driving around with it just sitting on the seat for a good week or so?

That's very good mothering.

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