Tuesday, December 2, 2008

WFMW E-Mealz Menu Planning

Meal planning used to be a fun little task for me. But then when a couple of kiddos, in addition to the husband got thrown in the mix, plus a tighter budget, it suddenly became more of a chore. Then I realized I just wasn’t doing it right. Sitting down with 2 or 3 cookbooks, picking out recipes that sounded good, choosing side dishes that paired well, making a long list of ingredients, going to my cabinet to see what I could cross off...it took forever.

Then about 6 weeks ago I learned about E-Mealz. It is a great meal planning website. Basically you can pick whatever type of meal plan you want...low fat, low carb, regular type, ww points, vegetarian, whatever...then choose what store you shop at and how many people you are feeding. It then plans 7 dinners for you each week...including side dishes.
The best part is that it prints out an aisle-by-aisle, detailed shopping list for you, complete with prices so you know exactly what you'll be spending. The meals also follow the weekly store ads/coupons so it is definitely budget friendly. The list is broken down by meal #, so if a particular meal doesn't appeal to you, it is easy to cross those items off the list.

It’s also easy on the budget by incorporating the same ingredients throughout the week. No more wasting half a tub of cream cheese…it will be used for a later recipe. It occasionally incorporates leftovers into the meal plan as well.

Are you hosting Christmas dinner? Check out their holiday meal-planning guide. I recently noticed they are offering holiday gift certificates too.
Anyway, we have found the meals to be great, even for our girls, so click the link above if you want to try it out. Dave Ramsey is an advocate of it, so if you sign up, use the coupon code "Dave" to save $2.50...that will make it $2.50/month. I figure after 3 months I’ll have enough recipes for a lifetime.

E-mealz is currently paying new members $3.75 for each friend they refer…so sign up and spread the word!

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Jonathan said...

Thanks for visiting our blog! Who knows, the preschool teacher might like the cupcake tip, too. :) I did. I don't know how I lived to adulthood without knowing how to do this. It seems so logical!

Thanks for the E-Mealz tip. I do plan meals but hate doing it...and we love Dave Ramsey. THANKS!


Joy @ Five J's said...

I've never heard of this, but it sound very interested. Thanks for the post!

Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

I'm definitely going to check this out! Thanks for the tip!

Krisi and Adam said...

This sounds great. I will have to check it out.

The Sullivan Sitcom said...

Can't wait to check this out!

Just was checkin out your Disney countdown...girl, 3 days!!! Are you totally excited?!?!? Are you packing? Can I go with you, I promise I'll be good!

Gina said...

Oh my goodness! I was just getting ready to sign up for e-mealz (as in, I was to the credit card info page) when I read this. You just saved me $2.50! Thanks!

Alesha said...

Sounds interesting, I'll have to check it out, anything to make menu-planning easier.

Sit A Spell said...

Cute pictures below of your kids playing in the kitchen...mine loved doing that...well, um, except for the cereal eating part : )

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