Thursday, December 4, 2008

"Ice" Skating

Waxahachie, Texas. I'm sure I've mentioned it before. My mom lives there now, but even before she did, it was one of our all time favorite towns. We love old houses and it happens to have Texas' largest concentration of houses with the designation of being on the national historic register.

It has a wonderful downtown, with this beautiful courthouse, many fun lunch spots, and antique stores. A few of them are the crafty type of stores, but most of them are the true, junky, antique favorite kind.

This weekend we were already half way to Waxahachie after celebrating a second Thanksgiving at one of Jerry's aunt's houses, so we decided to push our non-napped children to their limits and trudge on towards Waxahachie.

They had a little Victorian festival going on complete with carriage rides, pony rides and a petting zoo.

Lily chose to ride a pony while Jade got acquainted with the smaller animals.

We were most excited to go ice skating though. We had heard that the town was putting up a little ice skating rink between Thanksgiving and Christmas and it seemed worth checking out. Lily was especially interested after watching Caillou learn how to ice skate on a recent episode.

We walked a couple of blocks and saw the rink from a distance. So picturesque. And it was actually cold that the it just seemed perfect.

Then we got closer and saw this.


It isn't ICE?

It was a bunch of "slippery" boards nailed together. Have you ever heard of such a thing?

I guess it makes perfect sense seeing that Texas can see some 70 and 80 degree days during the winter, but please.

The city's website did describe it as an "E-Z Glide ice rink", am I the only idiot that didn't realize that E-Z Glide meant wooden boards and not ice? I did check the skate rental booth and indeed they were renting ice skates...not roller ones.

Lily wanted to try anyway, but we decided we'd take her for a real experience at the mall's rink at a later time. With a few tears and explanations about how this was not the kind of skating that Caillou did, she was finally okay with it.

You gotta love Caillou. Something about seeing his mommy in her same frumpy clothes day in and day out just makes me feel good about myself. At least I have a variety of frumpy clothes.


Rachelle said...

We could have went ice skating in our parking lot at work this morning...not something I wanted to do in high heels.

AmyB said...

Ah, Waxahachie... I used to live and work there. As I recall, the little ice rink used to be real...but maybe I was just deceived :)

Tricia Hoffmann said...

You mean you've figured out which one is the mom and which one is the dad on Caillou??!! Is he French or French Canadian? And why is Caillou so darn bald??

Growin' with it! said...

aww man. i wish we had the fake ones out here on the west coast! rain melts any ice that forms most of the time anyways.

Alana said...

What in the world? What a hoot!

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