Sunday, December 21, 2008

Disney World II: We Rode Rides and Watched Shows

Wow. One week since last post. Oops.

No, Bruce didn't eat us. That'd be a good excuse though I guess.

Before you kill me for getting "it's a small world" stuck in your head for the remainder of the day, I have something to announce. I am so excited to have a new memory of Disney World.

Prior to this trip, I had one...and only one...memory of my family's trip to Disney World back when I was seven or eight. The memory is of me lingering a little too long at the stingray exhibit, not heeding my mom's calling, and ending up crying to the gift shoppe attendant who had to then page my parents.

Lost at Disney World. Such a fond memory...

Until we took the girls on the "it's a small world" ride. I remember riding that ride as a kid. Can you tell that little things get me excited? I love having a new memory of my childhood. So, I've been singing this song a lot lately...and now you will be too.

We had a great time on all of the rides, especially in Magic Kingdom. Lily's height is 41", so she met the 40" height requirement on most of the coasters. She even rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. We were very proud of her for keeping herself together.

We were so fortunate to have no less than a dozen friends with similar aged kids return from Disney in the past few months. We received countless tips about rides and shows that our girls might like.

Lily usually chose to ride with mama while Jade partnered up with Daddy. On many rides though, the four of us all snuggled in together. On those rare occasions when I did get to hold Jade through a ride, this mama sure enjoyed her continually more independent toddler clinging to her neck. Does that make me needy?

It wasn't the flying ones like this that caused her fright, more often the ones that had dark scenes like Peter Pan and even parts of the Pooh ride. Scared by her beloved sad.

Thankfully, Jerry's parents took Jade back to the hotel each afternoon for a nap and we were able to push through non-stop with Lily. This came in handy for the coasters and shows.

During the wait for Goofy's Barnstormer, Lily's first coaster ever, we met this little friend. She and Lily played together through a very long line. Can you believe their outfits? They even had the same exact StrideRite shoes.

Lily enjoyed three different musicals. The Little Mermaid and Finding Nemo definitely kept her attention, but Beauty and the Beast completely mesmerized her. We sat 3 rows back from center stage and I found myself taking in Lily's reaction to it all even more than I took in the show. She loved it.

Here we are right before Lily's first coaster ride.I could do a pretty lengthy slide show just filled with pictures of us trying to dodge the Florida sun. I'll spare you that are a few to enjoy from various rides and shows. Until next week...peace out. Kidding. I should be back.


Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

Oh how fun! Reading this makes me want to go to Disney...I've never been to Disney World, only Disney Land.

I can't believe the matching outfits of your girl and her new friend...too funny!

Rachelle said...

I wanna go....

The Sullivan Sitcom said...

Love all the pictures...I so want to go back! What great memories!

Debbie said...

What an amazing memory. Looks like all had a wonderful time.

Christina said...

it looks like such a fun time! i can't wait to go with makenna! i was surprised it has been a week since you posted!

Becoming Me said...

Fun! I love those pictures too!

Tammy said...

What great pictures and memories! The shows are one of our favorite things to do down there too. Glad you all had such a good time:)

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